In Southeast Asia, the number of submarines has increased by 300% in 20 years

With the rise of the Chinese fleet, which aims to equal the US Navy by 2050, and the policy of accomplished facts sometimes implemented by Beijing, the tensions ...

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Vietnamese People's Navy: Development of a 100-Ton Pocket Submarine?

The Vietnamese People's Navy (Hải quân nhân dân Việt Nam) benefited from the acquisition of two Yugo-type pocket submarines in 1997. They were used for special operations ...

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The People's Liberation Army strengthens its presence and resources in the Chinese Sea

China's grip on the China Sea has been stepped up in recent days, as observations have shown the deployment of HQ-9 anti-aircraft missile batteries and YJ-12 anti-ship missiles, on 3's islands of the archipelago Spartleys transformed into defense base.

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