Will the sale of F35A to the UAE limit the performance of devices offered to Switzerland or Finland?

A few days before the American presidential election, President Trump seems to be using all his power to speed up the procedure relating to the sale of the F35A fighter to the Arab Emirates ...

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Covid-19: Singapore delays deliveries of submarines and helicopters, but continues defense modernization

According to Defense News, the Singaporean armed forces recently made announcements about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their materiel acquisition programs. The main delays ...

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As the Boeing KC-46 accumulates difficulties, Airbus demonstrates the automatic flight refueling capability of the A330 MRTT

We had already spoken about it on Meta-Defense: Airbus has been working for a few years on an automatic in-flight refueling system for its A330 MRTT, and had found a customer of…

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Airbus announces collaboration with Singapore on the development of an automatic flight refueling capacity

Today, on the occasion of the Singapore Air Show, Airbus announced that the Republic of Singapore Air Force is the launch customer of a new fueling system in…

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Singapore chooses vertical take-off version F35B to replace F16

The US State Department has announced that it has approved the sale of 12 F35Bs, a vertical take-off and landing version of the Lockheed-Martin aircraft, to replace part of the F16s in…

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