North Korea presents plethora of new armored vehicles for its 75th anniversary

North Korean armies have always had a reputation for being heavily equipped with severely obsolete equipment. And the inventory of its armored fleet, which is essentially based on Soviet and Chinese productions from…

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Anti-missile defense: Japan cancels purchase of two Aegis Ashore systems

In December 2017, Japan approved the construction of two Aegis Ashore anti-missile defense sites in order to counter the North Korean, but also Chinese, ballistic threat. Particularly strategic for…

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North Korea to fire 2 new ballistic missiles in Sea of ​​Japan

On Saturday March 21, the South Korean and Japanese surveillance systems both detected two consecutive shots of ballistic missiles from North Korea. The weapons carried out a…

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North Korea has tested a new SLBM, and that changes a lot ...

On October 2, North Korea's strategic forces launched a mid-range ballistic missile from a naval platform, according to the official North Korean news agency NKCA. The missile would have ...

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Japanese missile defense failed to detect North Korean missile tests

According to the website, the Japanese anti-missile defense, composed of radar systems on the Japanese coast and Aegis systems equipping the Kongo and derived class destroyers, have ...

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New North Korean ballistic missile poses problem for Western missile defenses

According to statements by the South Korean chief of staff, corroborating the official announcements of the North Korean authorities, the ballistic missiles used by North Korea during tests that took place ...

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North Korea develops a submarine launching machine on the basis of a model of the 50 years

On the occasion of North Korean leader Kin Jong Un's visit to a state shipyard, the state agency KCNA has published clichés about the construction of a new North Korean submarine.

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