What are modern Corvettes worth?

During the Second World War, corvettes were ships of limited tonnage, 1000 tons for the very prolific Flower class of the Royal Navy, intended to escort convoys against underwater threats and secure the coasts. Over the years, corvettes disappeared from the majority of large modern navies, replaced by heavier and more versatile frigates or less expensive missile patrol boats, while the threat on the coasts faded and that anti-submarine warfare needs were dealt with more by the submarines themselves, and maritime patrol aircraft. However, in recent years,…

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What is the deferred Rafale contract that Dassault CEO Eric Trappier referred to?

On the occasion of the presentation of the half-year results to the group's shareholders, Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault Aviation since 2013, referred to a contract relating to the sale of Rafale aircraft for export, a contract which would have been postponed until due to the health crisis linked to COVID-19, without specifying which country this potentially imminent order for the French plane came from. The opportunity of course to take an overview of the competitions and negotiations in progress involving the Rafale, to deduce, if possible, who could be this mysterious client to which Eric Trappier referred La Suisse Après la 2014 vote...

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In Southeast Asia, the number of submarines has increased by 300% in 20 years

With the rise of the Chinese fleet, which aims to equal the US Navy by 2050, and the policy of fait accompli sometimes implemented by Beijing, naval tensions in Southeast Asia have increased since ten years. It is therefore not surprising to note that the majority of the countries in the zone are developing and modernizing their navies, sometimes in a substantial way. Beyond Japan, the two Koreas, Australia and India, many Marines, who until then were confined to coastal defense and State action missions at sea, are now being given of…

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Airbus Helicopter places its H135 in Thailand and targets other markets in Asia

All over the world, air shows are an opportunity to announce major contracts and to display impressive listings of aircraft sold and delivered during the year against the competition. Other sales, however, may appear almost anecdotal due to the volume concerned or the amount of the contract. This does not necessarily prevent them from taking on a strategic value, both for the industrial seller and his country of origin. And this is precisely the case for the sale of six light helicopters Airbus Helicopters H135 sold to Thailand, and announced at the Singapore Air Show last week. Thus, the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) has…

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Malaysia would like to order two additional submarines

The Royal Malaysian Navy plans to acquire two additional submarines in addition to the two Scorpene submarines already delivered by Naval Group. The delivery of the new submarines would be scheduled during the 14th armed forces equipment plan 2031-2035, and the 15th plan 2036-2040. The extension of the submarine fleet follows the reinforcements of the various navies of the Indo-Pacific zone. The Scorpene of Naval Group, operational in the Malaysian Navy since 2009, is given favorites, without however that a confirmation in this direction has filtered. The Indo-Pacific zone has become, in recent years, a powder keg in power, with navies and air forces which are constantly being reinforced, carried by…

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