These 7 technologies that will revolutionize the battlefield by 2040

If the last years of the cold war were the occasion of numerous and important technological advances in the field of armaments, with the arrival of cruise missiles, stealth planes and ships and advanced command and geolocation systems, this dynamic came to a complete halt with the collapse of the Soviet bloc. In the absence of a major and technologically advanced adversary, and because of the numerous asymmetrical campaigns in which the armed forces took part, very few significant advances were recorded from the technological point of view between 1990 and 2020, with the notable exception of the generalization of aerial drones of all types. But with the emergence, since the beginning of…

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Joe Biden orders US Strategic Supply Review

The American President has ordered the launch of a review aimed at precisely determining the points of dependence of American strategic industries on raw materials or components from abroad, and in particular from China. The avowed objective of this approach is to be able to implement national alternative sources of supply where necessary, more particularly concerning minerals from rare earths and other minerals essential to the Defence, particularly in the field of aeronautics and batteries, but also semiconductors used for 5G technology, artificial intelligence or for quantum computing. The fact is, the United States, like...

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US Air Force experiments digital co-pilot on infamous U2 spy plane

The U2 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft was one of the most famous aircraft of the Cold War. Designed by the Skunk Works division of Lockheed, it made its first flight in 1955, and quickly allowed the United States to carry out numerous reconnaissance missions over Soviet territory, the aircraft being beyond the range of anti-aircraft systems. aircraft and Soviet interceptors of the late 50s. It was a U2 that, in 1962, identified the first Soviet SS-4 ballistic missiles deployed in Cuba. It was also this device that caused a major crisis between Moscow and Washington, when the U2…

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These 10 technologies that are revolutionizing or will revolutionize military action (part 1)

The post-Cold War period, which began with the disappearance of the Soviet Union and was characterized by undisputed American supremacy, ended a few years ago, even if the perception of this change of era is only just beginning to be accepted by world political authorities. A new era, which we cannot yet name, has arrived gradually, and is characterized by the significant increase in the technological ambitions of the major world powers, and in particular by the acceleration of technological programs linked to La Défense. Whether or not this is a new arms race, the fact is that in just a few years, several technologies have imposed themselves in the heart of…

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The US Army develops a revolutionary new quantum multispectral antenna

The applications of quantum mechanics are barely beginning to appear and already, in the world of La Défense, they are opening up paths likely to profoundly modify military technology in the decades to come. We have already made use of the information processing capabilities offered by quantum computers, as well as the advanced detection capabilities of quantum radars. But the technology currently under development within the Army Research Laboratory dependent on the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, could have very concrete applications in the short term in terms of intelligence and electronic warfare, but also communication, in the forces. In…

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Rail Gun, hypersonic missile, quantum radar ... China and Russia, the big Bluff?

Since the early 2010s, announcements of new technologies with military potential by China and Russia have followed one another, to the point that sometimes it can be estimated that the West no longer has the technological advantage that was during the Cold War at the heart of its defense strategy. But many voices are raised to question the veracity of these announcements, leaving the doubt of a great bluff. In a decade, Russia and China have shown real voluntarism in terms of the Defense program, with so-called 5th generation J-20 and Su-57 aircraft, new generation T-14 armored vehicles, etc.

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