Will Covid-19 get the better of European intelligence diplomacy?

“It is a question of European sovereignty. As soon as we wish to gain in strategic defense capability, it is necessary to gain in intelligence capability”. It was at the end of February when he officially signed in Zagreb, Croatia. “Unprecedented, long-term cooperation for the security of European democracies”, the Intelligence College in Europe (ICE) wanted to be “the common reply to the complexity of the asymmetrical cyber, terrorist and destabilization threats emanating from Russia or China. via 5G networks. Three months after the pleas of the representatives of internal and external services of the 23 signatory countries[1], the informal “diplomatic” body promoted by Emmanuel Macron is…

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AI demystified: AI and Defense

#AI here, IA there, IA do you want some here… For the past few months, the term “IA” (Artificial Intelligence) has invaded the world of Aeronautics & Defense. But what is it exactly? It would be presumptuous to want to cover all aspects related to the changes brought about by AI. This is not the purpose of this series of 2 articles. Similarly, I will ignore certain constituent aspects of AI (eg neural system, etc.) but which are not important for the subject of these articles. From CAD software to Terminator, via your Smartphone and DeepBlue or AlphaGo, there are many modes…

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Military Intelligence Upgrades to Big Data

In the information age, where terrorists post selfies on Facebook, where battles are broadcast live and where Google Earth reveals secret military bases, the amount of information to process becomes, in the truest sense of the word, inhumane. And "it's not additional analysts who will solve the problem," says Jean-François Ferlet, director of military intelligence. Facing the wall of Bigdata, the DRM brought together in February, as part of the "Intelligence Campus" initiative, research experts, large companies and French start-ups in order to identify the best intelligence tools and information processing available. The DRM…

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