China has just completed the first operational test campaign of its trimaran stealth naval drone

The Chinese authorities have announced that they have successfully conducted the first sea trial campaign for a trimaran surface naval drone demonstrator on June 7, 2022, after a 3-hour autonomous operational mission at sea, which made it possible to collect lots of data. In September 2020, a photo published on social networks caused a sensation by showing a prototype of a Chinese surface drone on the Yantze River, in a configuration in all respects comparable to that of the Sea Hunter surface drone of the US Navy. In these dimensions as in its tonnage, the Chinese ship indeed seemed directly inspired…

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Simulations show that drone swarms would be a solution to defend Taiwan

If support for Ukraine is at the heart of the strategic concerns of the American executive, it is the defense of Taiwan which, for several years, has given nightmares to the strategists and planners of the American armed forces. Indeed, most of the simulations and wargames carried out in recent years show that protecting the independent island since 1949 from a massive assault launched by the People's Liberation Army in a few years' time will be a task that is both one of the most difficult and most perilous for US forces. Between the hypotheses of massive preventive strikes against the island and against the American military bases present in this theater (Japan, Guam, etc.), the capacities…

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These 7 technologies that will revolutionize the battlefield by 2040

If the last years of the cold war were the occasion of numerous and important technological advances in the field of armaments, with the arrival of cruise missiles, stealth planes and ships and advanced command and geolocation systems, this dynamic came to a complete halt with the collapse of the Soviet bloc. In the absence of a major and technologically advanced adversary, and because of the numerous asymmetrical campaigns in which the armed forces took part, very few significant advances were recorded from the technological point of view between 1990 and 2020, with the notable exception of the generalization of aerial drones of all types. But with the emergence, since the beginning of…

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Why is the Rafale F4 standard meeting such international success?

With the announcement of the firm order for 80 combat aircraft by the United Arab Emirates, the Rafale has become, with 242 aircraft ordered for export from 6 air forces, the greatest international commercial success of its generation, clearly outclassing other aircraft of the same category such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Super Hornet or the Su-35, and even lighter aircraft of the same generation such as the Swedish Gripen or the American F-16 Block 70/72+ Viper. In the world, only the Lockheed-Martin F-35, which enjoys unwavering strategic support from Washington and an R&D budget 12 times greater than that of the aircraft...

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Paris and London relaunch their cooperation in the field of tactical missiles

Franco-British cooperation in terms of the development of military systems has often been difficult, and punctuated by bitter failures, as was the case, for example, of the aircraft carrier project between the two countries. But when it succeeds, it often gives very high quality equipment. This was the case in the field of helicopters with the Gazelle and the Puma, in the field of combat aircraft with the Jaguar, and more recently, in the field of artillery guns with the 40mm telescoped ammunition system. But the favorite field of this cooperation has for several decades been missiles…

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Sea drones: Americans and Turks lead the way

By Noam Akhoune At a time when drones are reshuffling the cards of war, the naval sector is far from being spared by this evolution. Unlike aerial and/or ground support drones that we have seen at work during the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, or in Syria, unmanned ships, or naval drones, haven't been faced with combat yet, but it could happen sooner than you think. Along with directed energy weapons, hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence and cyber capabilities, unmanned vessels (or unmanned surface vessels – usv) are one of the new capabilities,…

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The US Marines Corps wants to revolutionize its Human Resources strategy to face China

Since his arrival at the head of the United States Marine Corps in March 2019, General David H. Berger has undertaken a huge project to transform this elite unit. While since the end of the Cold War, the Corps had gradually evolved into a high quality mechanized infantry unit, widely deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq for example, it had to profoundly change the very structure of this professional army to return to its fundamental mission, the amphibious assault, in particular to be able to meet the potential challenge posed by the modernization of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. For…

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Chinese air force deploys former fighters turned into drones against Taiwan

The People's Republic of China produced, between the 50s and 80s, nearly 8500 fighter planes derived from Soviet models, such as the Shenyang J-5 derived from the Mig-17 produced in 1800 units, the Shenyang J-6 and the Nanchang Q-5 derived from Mig-19 produced respectively in 4500 and 1300 copies, as well as the Chengdu J-7 derived from Mig-21 and produced in more than 2400 copies

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By cloning XQ-98A Valkyrie drone, China highlights weakness in US strategy

In a tweet posted Sept. 29, Acting Under Secretary of the Army Christopher Lowman marveled at the operational superiority the U.S. armed forces will have on the battlefield in the near future when F- 35, drones and cruise missiles will simultaneously strike targets engaged by US ground troops using precision long-range munitions, all thanks to a constant, real-time exchange of information from all units, and advances in Artificial Intelligence. It obviously refers to the Joint All-Domain doctrine which today represents the pivot of the strategy...

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