Armor, suit and exoskeleton: When Science Fiction leads the way

Whether it's armor to increase the resistance of the body, or camouflage outfits to exacerbate the discretion and stealth of soldiers, soldiers have been wearing protective clothing and appendages for several millennia. Today, we are seeing the beginnings of a new generation of systems intended both to protect and to increase the combatant's power and resistance, and sometimes to erase him from the adversary's detection systems, whether either in the form of exoskeletons, connected “body-armor”, or adaptive camouflage outfits. In this field, science fiction has, for many years, paved the way, both in literature,…

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British Royal Marines experiment with Gravity Jet Suit for naval boarding

In 2016, after having spent almost 2 decades in the oil industry and 6 years in the Royal Marines Reserve, Richard Browning acquired several mini-turbojets in order to develop an autonomous jet pack. 6 months later, in November 2016, he made the first flight of what would become, the following year, the Gravity jet Suit, a jet pack powered by 4 mini-jet engines controlled and directed by the pilot's arms, in an architecture both simple and very effective. Quickly, the British inventor raised £650.000 to continue developing his concept, without forgetting his years with the British commandos.…

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China strengthens its combat capabilities on the Tibetan Highlands

Tensions between China and the West, over the China Sea or Taiwan, have been the focus of much media attention in recent months. However, this is not the only concern of the People's Liberation Army. Because if the Navy and the Chinese air force are rapidly being reinforced, the operational capacities of the PLA to fight in the very specific environment of the Tibetan highlands have also been considerably increased, putting pressure on the Indian troops who face them. increasing pressure. Indeed, in recent months, the PLA has multiplied announcements concerning the deployment of new…

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These 10 technologies that are revolutionizing or will revolutionize military action (part 2)

The return of tensions between major technological nations is accompanied by intensive research to develop new technologies or apply technologies developed during the 30 years of relative peace following the end of the Cold War. In the first part of this article, we dealt with quantum applications, electromagnetism, artificial intelligence, nano-technologies as well as directed energy weapons. There are still 5 major technologies to study to complete this panel of 10 technologies that will revolutionize military action in the years to come. 6- Hypervelocity The speed of aircraft and missiles had been a major issue in…

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