More details on the new Polish Mièçznick frigates

On March 4, when the media attention was entirely focused on the fighting in Ukraine, Warsaw announced the winner of the competition aimed at designing and manufacturing 3 new frigates and replacing the two OH Perry type frigates acquired second-hand from the US Navy, and who joined the Polish Navy in the early 2000s. It was the British Babcock, associated with the shipyards PGZ Stocznia Wojenna and Remontowa Shipbuilding SA, as well as Thales and MBDA, who won the competition against the Meko 300 from German Thyssenkrupp. The model chosen by Warsaw is the Arrowhead 140, on which the new frigate to come is based…

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The TKMS Meko-300 and Babcock Arrowhead 140 frigates on final in Poland

The Polish Navy has traditionally been the poor relation of the Warsaw Defense effort. To date, it has only 13.000 soldiers, and a limited number of ships, including only 2 OH Perry class frigates acquired second-hand from the US Navy in the early 2000s, and a single submarine. Kilo class out of operational service inherited from Soviet times. However, the country has nearly 650 km of coastline on the Baltic Sea, a strategic location for controlling access to this semi-open sea which hosts many critical infrastructures for the country and for Europe. The country has…

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The new FDI frigates of the French Navy less well armed than expected

The ceremony for laying the keel of the first Defense and Intervention Frigate, or FDI, of the French Navy, was held on December 16 at the Naval Group site in Lorient. Baptized Amiral Ronarc'h, this first frigate of an eponymous class of 5 ships which will enter service between 2025 and 2030, will weigh 4500 tonnes and be 122m long, will be one of the pillars of the renewal of the surface fleet of the Navy. And if it will carry many new capabilities for the French Navy, such as the Thales Seafire 500 active plate antenna radar which offers…

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Negotiations for Gowind 2500 corvettes built in Greece to advance rapidly

When we have followed with pain the most often biased and devoid of material comments concerning the Shortfin Barracuda submarine program in the Australian press, follow the reactions of the Greek press about the announcement of the choice of the FDI Belh@ frigates rra for the modernization of the country's fleet, is more than refreshing, as the enthusiasm overflows from press articles and comments from the Greeks themselves. We also learn, at the turn of a paragraph, that the Naval Group frigate had received, by far, the best rating from the Higher Council of the Hellenic Navy, leaving few chances to…

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Configuration, planning .. More details on the Greek frigates FDI HN

The announcement made by Greek Prime Minister Kyriákos Mitsotákis and French President Emmanuel Macron on September 18 about the new alliance formed by France and Greece, as well as orders for 3 FDI frigates and 6 Rafale aircraft, was certainly significant. 'a high political reach, but she was also stingy with details. It was therefore necessary to wait for the intervention this morning of Hervé Grandjean, the spokesperson for the Ministry of the Armed Forces, to find out more about this subject. And this time, the details were numerous, especially in terms of the configuration of the Hellenic frigates, but also concerning the delivery schedule, and its influence...

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Greece would be close to ordering 3 FDI frigates and 3 Gowind 2500 corvettes from the French Naval Group

After the painful Australian episode, to say that the French Naval Group needed good news to restore its image would be an understatement. It seems that this good news is close to arriving, if we are to believe the most active accounts on the social networks of the Hellenic peninsula in this area, since according to several of them, Athens and Paris have managed to an agreement for the acquisition of 3 FDI Belh@rra frigates, as well as, and this is a surprise, 3 Gowind 2500 corvettes, accompanied by an industrial and strategic partnership including, as you might expect, the local construction of part of the ships. However, you have to take…

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With Admiral Nakhimov, Russia will have the most powerfully armed cruiser in 2023

The Soviet Kirov-class nuclear cruisers were, when they entered service in 1980, considered the most powerful surface naval units in existence, with the exception of aircraft carriers, and forced the US Navy to recommission 4 Missouri-class WWII battleship, to try to balance things out. Heavily armed, with nuclear propulsion and a crew of 800 officers and sailors, these ships had unparalleled firepower until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Over the next 30 years, two of the cruisers, the Kirov renamed Admiral Ushakov, and the Frunze renamed Admiral Lazarev, were retired…

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Turkey wants to develop the most powerful destroyer in the Mediterranean theater

Since his accession to power in 2003, RT Erdogan, first Prime Minister from 2003 to 2014, then President of the Republic of Turkey since that date, has undertaken a vast national effort in favor of the armies, with a budget which has 20 years from $7 billion to more than $20 billion, despite a Turkish lira devalued by 80% of its value over the same period. Concomitantly, it undertook to develop a vast and robust national defense industry, with the emergence of several national and global players such as the missile manufacturer Roketsan or the drone manufacturer Baykar. In the naval field, the effort has been organized…

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Arleigh Burke, Kongo, Super Gorshkov: Modern Destroyers - Part 2

This article follows the article “Hobart, Type 52D, Sejong le Grand: modern destroyers – Part 1” published on May 24, 2021, which presented the Hobart (Australia), Type 052D/DL (China), Sejong le Grand (South Korea) and Kolkata (India). The second part completes this panel of the 8 main classes of Modern Destroyers, with the Kongo class (Japan), Arleigh Burke (United States), Daring (United Kingdom) and 22350M Super Gorshkov (Russia).

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