With the QUICKSINK program, the US Air Force will acquire anti-ship guided bombs

If airborne anti-ship missiles, such as the RGM-84A Harpoon, the AM39 Exocet, or the AGM-158c LRASM, were designed to overcome warships such as frigates and destroyers, and have capabilities specific to counter the defense systems of these ships, they are on the other hand complex to implement, and carry a relatively low explosive payload (between 150 and 250 kg depending on the model), making them weapons that are not very suitable for overcoming large merchant ships. As for their high prices, they make them irrelevant to take on smaller ships, such as…

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How will the war in Ukraine transform strategic planning in Europe?

Just 3 weeks ago, very few in the West believed that Russia was indeed going to wage a global war of aggression on Ukraine. For many, the deployment of Russian force around Ukraine was intended to make President Zelensky bend over his NATO membership and the status of the breakaway republics of Donbass. For the best informed, like the General Staff of the French Armies, and as we discussed in an article of February 23, the military and political risks associated with such an offensive did not outweigh the potential benefits, so that such a decision appeared irrational and therefore little…

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Why is the Rafale F4 standard meeting such international success?

With the announcement of the firm order for 80 combat aircraft by the United Arab Emirates, the Rafale has become, with 242 aircraft ordered for export from 6 air forces, the greatest international commercial success of its generation, clearly outclassing other aircraft of the same category such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Super Hornet or the Su-35, and even lighter aircraft of the same generation such as the Swedish Gripen or the American F-16 Block 70/72+ Viper. In the world, only the Lockheed-Martin F-35, which enjoys unwavering strategic support from Washington and an R&D budget 12 times greater than that of the aircraft...

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US Air Force tests new 5000-pound GBU-72 bunker bomb

Most often, when talking about bunker busters, reference is made to the famous GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb of 22.000 pounds, sometimes called MOAB for Mother of All Bomb, and made famous for their use against cave networks in Afghanistan, as well as the 57-pound GBU-30.000A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator designed to equip the B-2 bombers. But these munitions are both very expensive to build and complex to implement, the MOAB being able, for example, to be dropped only from a C-130 transport plane. While the risks of having to intervene against strongly defended targets continue...

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Turkish armies receive their first Akinci drones

Two years. This is the time it took the Turkish specialist in the manufacture of military drones Baykar, to bring its new Medium Altitude Long Endurance MALE Akinci drone from the prototype stage to its operational entry into the Turkish armies. On August 29, during a ceremony with strong nationalist impulses, it was President RT Erdogan himself who celebrated the arrival of the new combat drone in his armies, with unfeigned pride on the part of the leader. Turkish. It must be said that the Akinci PT-2 TIHA has something to satisfy the president, and his efforts in favor of a defense industry...

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Egypt is already interested in Rafale F4

The Rafale seems to have more than convinced the authorities in Cairo like the Egyptian air force. Indeed, hardly had they signed a new order for 30 F3R standard aircraft, accompanied by 2 A330 MRTT tanker planes and a military satellite, than the Egyptian negotiators announced their intention to increase the fleet. from Egyptian Rafale to 72 aircraft, or even 100 aircraft, by placing new orders in the years to come. Obviously, the capabilities of the future F4 standard of the French aircraft seem to meet the country's needs to strengthen its deterrence and…

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Greece: What will change with the arrival of the Rafale

It's finally done! On Monday, January 25, the Greek authorities officially signed the order for 18 Rafale combat aircraft to the F3R standard, as well as a large batch of ammunition and parts, all for an amount of €2,5 billion. The signing of this contract has been long awaited, and confirms the partnership between Paris and Athens around defense issues, a partnership that showed its solidity during the crisis between Greece and Turkey on issues of operating hydrocarbon in the Aegean Sea last fall. But beyond this bilateral defense relationship, the arrival of the Rafale…

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What are the lessons of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Along with the Donbass conflict, the war that has just ended in Nagorno-Karabakh has been one of the rare conflicts involving heavy state military means on both sides of the belligerents in recent years. New tactics and new equipment have been used massively, raising their effectiveness but also their limits in a high-intensity environment. Staff throughout the world have all been working, since the beginning of this conflict, on the analysis of engagements and the effectiveness demonstrated or not by each of these facilities. Without prejudging the conclusions that these analyzes may make, it is however possible to draw…

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From the F16 Viper to the JF-17 Thunder, do light fighters still have a role to play?

If Defense news today gives pride of place to heavy or medium combat aircraft, such as the F35, the Rafale or the Su35, lighter fighters continue to represent a large part of the fighter fleets in the world. Economical to buy and use, these aircraft allow countries without great means to acquire air capabilities and the largest nations to expand their fleets to be able to respond to all requests and scenarios. operational. In this article, we are going to present some of the light fighters in present or future staffing in the air forces, to know some…

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