BAe will develop Active Aerodynamic Flow Control for DARPA

From the Wright Flyer, which first flew an airplane at Kitty Hawk in 1903, to the very recent F-35 and Su-57, all aircraft today are directed and controlled using control surfaces. aerodynamics, which alter the flow and direction of airflow to create or degrade lift and the resulting forces. While technology and the understanding of aerodynamics have evolved considerably over the past 118 years, the use of these control surfaces continues to complicate the design and maintenance of aircraft, and offer few possibilities to adapt to new needs...

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These 10 technologies that are revolutionizing or will revolutionize military action (part 1)

The post-Cold War period, which began with the disappearance of the Soviet Union and was characterized by undisputed American supremacy, ended a few years ago, even if the perception of this change of era is only just beginning to be accepted by world political authorities. A new era, which we cannot yet name, has arrived gradually, and is characterized by the significant increase in the technological ambitions of the major world powers, and in particular by the acceleration of technological programs linked to La Défense. Whether or not this is a new arms race, the fact is that in just a few years, several technologies have imposed themselves in the heart of…

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Will Electromagnetism be the Black Powder of the XNUMXst century?

The arrival from Europe of black powder, a highly explosive and exothermic mixture of sulphur, saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and charcoal introduced by the Mongols in the 2000th century but used in China since the 800th century, led to a rapid and profound upheaval in military technologies, as well as in tactics and strategies. Ballistas and Scorpions were quickly replaced by cannons and bombards, as soldiers traded off their crossbows and bows for the first individual firearms, bringing in just two centuries the end of more than XNUMX years of military technology. XNUMX years later...

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China develops magnetic plasma gun with potential range greater than 100 km

According to information released by the state site, and taken up by the ArmyRecognition site, China has undertaken the design of a new type of cannon, halfway between the traditional powder cannon and the Rail Gun: the magnetic plasma cannon. For this, the Chinese authorities have launched a vast consultation aimed at collecting project proposals for the experimentation of a new type of artillery system, using a plasma encapsulated in a magnetic field, very significantly reducing the mechanical constraints that are apply between the barrel tube and the shell when firing the propellant charge. According to the tests that would have…

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