A new version of the Chinese heavy embarked fighter J-15 soon in service?

As for the J-11 air superiority fighter which was derived from the Su-27, or the J-16 fighter-bomber derived from the Su-30, the standard carrier-based fighter of the Chinese naval aviation, the J-15, results from a reverse-engineered a Russian fighter from the Flanker family, in this case a Su-33 acquired from Ukraine when Beijing acquired the hull of the aircraft carrier Varyag, left unused in the shipyards Ukrainians after the implosion of the Soviet Union. But unlike the J-11B, and especially the J-16, the J-15 had undergone little modernization in the conversion process, and suffered from several defects that already struck its Soviet big brother, in particular…

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Why is the Rafale F4 standard meeting such international success?

With the announcement of the firm order for 80 combat aircraft by the United Arab Emirates, the Rafale has become, with 242 aircraft ordered for export from 6 air forces, the greatest international commercial success of its generation, clearly outclassing other aircraft of the same category such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Super Hornet or the Su-35, and even lighter aircraft of the same generation such as the Swedish Gripen or the American F-16 Block 70/72+ Viper. In the world, only the Lockheed-Martin F-35, which enjoys unwavering strategic support from Washington and an R&D budget 12 times greater than that of the aircraft...

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Is passive detection going to impose itself in future military engagements?

The systematic elimination of all Armenian anti-aircraft defenses by Azeri forces was a determining factor in the meteoric success achieved by the latter against battle-hardened and well-armed soldiers during the 2020 conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. To achieve this, the Baku General Staff had implemented a strategy that was both simple and highly effective. As soon as an anti-aircraft system activated its radar, it was detected and located by the electronic detection systems crisscrossing the battlefield, after which either the target was destroyed by drones or stray munitions if a war unit capable electronics…

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The Russian CheckMate, a commercial and operational threat for Europe

The Teasing campaign which preceded the official presentation of the new 5th generation light fighter from Russian Sukhoi had created an obvious excitement on the part of all observers of the world defense aeronautical industry. They were not disappointed, as the announcements made by Sergei Chemezov, the CEO of Rostec, were astonishing, and as the Checkmate, since it seems that this is indeed its operational name, is designed to impose itself in the air as well as in international competitions in the years to come. And as long as the announcements made yesterday in Moscow actually materialize during the test phase which must…

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How will the Su-57 become the centerpiece of Russian Integrated Air Defense?

Russia's integrated anti-aircraft defense is today, almost unanimously recognised, one of the most efficient in the world. It implements, internally and in a coordinated manner, systems with complementary performance, such as the S-400 long-range interdiction systems, the Buk and S-350 medium-range systems, and the short-range systems TOR and Pantsir, so as to present at all times a homogeneity in defense that is difficult to fault. It also cooperates with air defense elements, such as Be50 early warning aircraft, Su-27 and Su-35 fighters, and Mig-31 interceptors,…

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Is South Korea's New KF-21 Boramae a Successful Joint Strike Fighter?

Only twelve years after having carried out the first risk analysis, and less than two years after having begun its assembly, the first prototype of the South Korean KF-21 combat aircraft program, previously designated KFX program and officially baptized Bomamae (falcon ) during this ceremony, was officially presented this Friday in Seoul in front of a delegation of more than 250 South Korean and foreign officials. It must be said that everything in this program is exceptional, so far at least. While only 30 years ago, the South Korean aeronautical industry was still barely in its infancy, it has managed the feat of developing in just over…

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From the F16 Viper to the JF-17 Thunder, do light fighters still have a role to play?

If Defense news today gives pride of place to heavy or medium combat aircraft, such as the F35, the Rafale or the Su35, lighter fighters continue to represent a large part of the fighter fleets in the world. Economical to buy and use, these aircraft allow countries without great means to acquire air capabilities and the largest nations to expand their fleets to be able to respond to all requests and scenarios. operational. In this article, we are going to present some of the light fighters in present or future staffing in the air forces, to know some…

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Are F35, Su57 and J20 really a generation ahead of the Rafale and the Typhoon?

Very often, when it comes to comparing devices like the F35, the Su-57 and the J-20 to European devices like the Rafale, the Typhoon or the JAS39 Gripen, a strong argument is used to close the debate, that of the 5th generation. Indeed, according to a widespread classification, the former would be 5th generation devices, while the latter would only be 4th generation devices, sometimes classified 4G+ in a rather condescending way to reflect their level of performance. What are these generations so important that they would make it possible to level fighter planes without hesitation? And…

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Something new for the sensors of future US early warning satellites

Over the past few months, the renewal of American ballistic early warning capabilities has been the subject of open voluntarism. Major program of the new "US Space Force", given the new threats, the "Next-gen Overhead Persistent Infrared" (OPIR) has passed an important milestone in recent days via the validation of the preliminary design reviews of the infrared payload satellites. Main effector of the future satellite system in geosynchronous orbit, the design then the development of infrared sensors (IR) is the subject of particular care. Competitively designed and developed by Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems and Ball Aerospace, they will pass critical review by fall 2021. The…

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