The US Navy funds a drone program with a range of more than a week

Among the lessons learned from the Ukraine war, the preponderant role of reconnaissance drones in the conduct of military operations probably represents, if not the greatest surprise, in any case the most obvious confirmation of the transformations that are now taking place in the field. high-intensity military action. The success of the Ukrainian armies in the face of more numerous and powerfully armed Russian forces is in fact largely based on the perfect integration of a device combining an innovative communication system to coordinate the units deployed with the information reported by different types of drones ranging from MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) lightweight…

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Israel to deploy aerostat radar surveillance system soon

If ground surveillance radars are effective against aircraft and missiles operating at medium and high altitude, the situation is quite different against aircraft and cruise missiles which move close to the ground, so as to take full advantage of the masking ground or even the roundness of the ground, to reduce the opponent's reaction time and therefore his ability to intercept. To deal with these threats, it is essential to place a radar at altitude, capable of observing the terrain without suffering its effects. Several systems, such as the Hawkeye and Sentry, the famous Awacs of…

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Would Beijing begin the deployment of an anti-missile detection system using captive balloons?

In 2015, information had circulated that China would test an anti-missile detection system carried by a captive helium balloon, and capable of evolving at altitudes ranging from 20 to nearly 100 km. It now seems that this technology is ready to be deployed, according to Japanese defense analyst Saburo Tanaka, quoted by the site. The latter is based on a satellite photo of a new air base with an equally new runway of around 2000 meters, and displaying on its tarmac a reconnaissance balloon with all the characteristics of the 2015 project. similar…

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