US Air Force Begins Development of Space Component Long-Range Kill-Chain

The war in Ukraine has produced many new lessons, in particular on the potential duration of a very high intensity engagement, or on the role of artillery and heavy armor in the land maneuver. In other areas, it has above all confirmed developments anticipated by military planners, such as the vulnerability of combat helicopters and close air support aircraft to modern anti-aircraft defences, while the US Army has precisely launched the FLRAA and FARA programs of new generation helicopters and that the US Air Force has towed for almost a decade with Congress to withdraw from service its A-10 Thunderbolts...

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These 7 technologies that will transform warfare by 2030

Since the start of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, many analyses, including on this site, have focused on the different lessons that these very high intensity combats have brought to light, such as the now indisputable role of the tank but also artillery, coastal or anti-aircraft defenses, and of course drones, to speak only of the technological question. And in fact, many armies have evolved their military planning in recent months precisely to respond to these lessons. This is how Poland embarked on an unprecedented effort to reconstitute a very powerful land force aligning 6 divisions,…

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The Chinese People's Liberation Army also develops an All-Domain doctrine

As we have written on several occasions, if Western media and political attention, including in the United States, is today focused on Russia and the conflict in Ukraine, it is indeed China that is of concern. primarily the Pentagon strategists. Indeed, apart from its nuclear capabilities, Moscow no longer has the military, economic and demographic capabilities to represent a major threat to Washington and NATO, especially since its armies have suffered heavily since the start of the conflict, with significant losses in men and materials. China, for its part, has a very dynamic economy, supported by financial reserves...

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Hard-kill systems, robotization and autonomy at the heart of the evolutions of the armored corps of the US Army

The AUSA exhibition, which is held until today on the outskirts of Washington, is the opportunity, each year, to take stock of the current and planned developments in terms of land armament and strategy for the forces. American land forces, and consequently, for their allies. But with the war in Ukraine, the Sino-Taiwani crisis, and the various tensions at different levels of gestation on the planet, the 2022 edition takes on a very special dimension. It was indeed on this occasion that the US Army presented its new engagement doctrine which will replace the one drafted in the early 90s on the basis of the end…

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Russian forces much more exposed to electronic and cyber warfare than anticipated

Since the start of the fighting in Ukraine on February 24, the Russian armies have shown a face that surprised even the most circumspect analysts as to the reality of its military power: weak morale, poor coordination of forces, very questionable strategy, faulty logistics. , malfunction of precision weapons, revelations followed one another to explain the repeated failures of the Russian offensive in the face of a much more modest Ukrainian resistance, with an annual defense budget 10 times lower than that of Moscow. The most surprising of these revelations concern the vulnerability of Russian forces to cyber attacks, as well as their poor mastery of…

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These 7 technologies that will revolutionize the battlefield by 2040

If the last years of the cold war were the occasion of numerous and important technological advances in the field of armaments, with the arrival of cruise missiles, stealth planes and ships and advanced command and geolocation systems, this dynamic came to a complete halt with the collapse of the Soviet bloc. In the absence of a major and technologically advanced adversary, and because of the numerous asymmetrical campaigns in which the armed forces took part, very few significant advances were recorded from the technological point of view between 1990 and 2020, with the notable exception of the generalization of aerial drones of all types. But with the emergence, since the beginning of…

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Why is the Rafale F4 standard meeting such international success?

With the announcement of the firm order for 80 combat aircraft by the United Arab Emirates, the Rafale has become, with 242 aircraft ordered for export from 6 air forces, the greatest international commercial success of its generation, clearly outclassing other aircraft of the same category such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Super Hornet or the Su-35, and even lighter aircraft of the same generation such as the Swedish Gripen or the American F-16 Block 70/72+ Viper. In the world, only the Lockheed-Martin F-35, which enjoys unwavering strategic support from Washington and an R&D budget 12 times greater than that of the aircraft...

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The new ambitions of European Structured Permanent Cooperation

The Permanent Structured European Cooperation, or PESCO, is undeniably one of the major advances obtained in the field of Defense within the European Union. Launched in December 2017, it allows European industrialists and political actors to cooperate to develop new programs, whether purely technological or industrial, with the aim of avoiding the multiplication of similar programs within the European Union, and therefore expenditure deemed irrelevant because it is redundant between members. The first list of projects was presented on March 6, 2018, and focused above all on support programs, in the field of training, simulation,…

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J-16D electronic warfare aircraft is in service with the Chinese Air Force

Many expected the two-seat J-20A or the carrier-based J-35 to be the star of the upcoming Zhuhai Air Show, to be held next week in southern China. No information concerning the presence of these new devices has yet filtered. On the other hand, a J-16D electronic warplane, in the colors of the People's Liberation Army air force, did indeed land at Zhuhai airport on Tuesday to participate in the show. Therefore, there is no doubt that the new device, which is intended to be the equivalent of the American EA-18G Growler, is actually in service within the forces…

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