The nuclear weapon becomes a priority again, and it is worrying

With the end of the cold war, the role of deterrence, and its nuclear weapons, has slowly faded, as has the risk of major conflict between technologically advanced states. Indeed, among the nuclear powers, Russia seemed entangled in an insoluble economic crisis that was rolling over its Defense tool, and China seemed to be more concerned with its economic growth than with its military might.

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Hypersonic weapons will redefine short-term military doctrines

Since the announcement last March of the entry into service of hypersonic weapons systems by President Putin, it seems that the Pentagon has made them its highest priority, relegating ...

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What do we know about the next Russian strategic bomber PAK DA

It now seems certain that the future Russian strategic bomber, identified by the PAK DA program, will take the form of the flying wing, like the B2 Spirit and the future American B21 ranger, as well as, in all likelihood, the future Chinese strategic bomber. .

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Cancellation of SNLE Boreï-B class in favor of additional Boreï-A

The class of nuclear submarine-thrower Boreï represents an important symbol for Russian shipbuilding, and for the Russian arms industry as a whole. Indeed, it is the first representative of the Russian strategic doctrine post-Soviet

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For STRATCOM, Russia and China have hypersonic weapons

According to the US military strategy command, STRATCOM, the US services have evidence of hypersonic weapons tests in Russia and China. According to General Hyten, commander ...

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