Raytheon to design self-defense micro-missile for US Air Force by 2023

To cope with the increased threat posed by missiles and anti-tank rockets to their armored vehicles, several armed forces, including those of Israel and Russia, have undertaken ...

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Northrop Grumman unveils a mini-torpedo designed for the MQ-8C Fire Scout UAV and Virginia-class attack submarines

The American company Northrop Grumman recently unveiled a mini-torpedo called Very Lightweight Torpedo, or VLWT, based on a design developed by the US Navy. This new ultralight torpedo should be…

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Despite Beijing's warnings, France will participate in the modernization of Taiwanese frigates

The information had been analyzed in detail last month by the Naval News site, which is still very well informed: as part of the modernization of its Kang Ding frigates (version…

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Russia tested T14 Armata heavy tank in Syria

Since 2015 and the first deployments of forces in Syria, the Russian armies have deployed many materials under development and prototypes in this theater, to assess…

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Russia to align force of 900 T14 and T90M tanks by 2027

During the official presentation of the new generation T14 Armata battle tank, on 9 but 2015 on the occasion of the military parade for the celebration of 70 years…

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China to develop laser protection pod for aircraft

According to the globaltimes.cn site, citing the site specialized in Chinese defense equipment weain.mil.cn, the Chinese armies have undertaken the development of a "laser attack pod" intended to equip…

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US Navy: USS John F. Kennedy Baptism, Active 2022 Entry

The United States Navy (USN or US Navy) christened the CVN-79 USS John F. Kennedy the 7 December 2019 in the presence of his godmother, Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of ...

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