Rafale: flight tests of the new 1000 kg AASM ammunition have started

A few months ago, we presented to you in detail the new F4 standard of the French fighter Rafale, produced by Dassault Aviation. In addition to notable improvements in terms of ...

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Japan's supersonic glider could be used for anti-ship strikes

Our colleagues from Naval News, always well informed, had access to an unprecedented video from ATLA, the agency of the Japanese Ministry of Defense responsible for acquisitions, technological development ...

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Kinzhal hypersonic missile as an anti-ship weapon?

According to statements by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the two squadrons equipped with Mig-31 interceptors belonging to the Russian naval air forces will have equipped themselves with hypersonic ballistic missiles Kh-47M2 Kinzhal, for…

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Modernization of the MM40 Exocet Block 2 and Block 3 to the Block 3C standard of the Hellenic Navy?

Recent visits by an MBDA delegation to Athens since the November 15 (Greek Defense and Intervention Program) included the modernization of MM40 subsonic anti-ship missiles ...

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Saab and Boeing test their Small Diameter Bomb launched from a land container

The GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb air-to-ground ammunition is a planing and guided light bomb, designed to destroy various objectives, ranging from reinforced positions to armored vehicles, limiting the damage ...

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US Army wants to take advantage of electronic warfare

The stakes of a strategic competition for decades, the electronic warfare is however little known except for some specialists handpicked. While the infovalorization of the data and the ...

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US long-range artillery program ERCA unveils

The Defense-blog site has published a video showing the tests of the Extended Range System Canon Artillery, the new American self-propelled gun with a range of 100 km and advanced precision

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