The military version of the five-bladed Airbus Helicopters H145 should be qualified next year, with new assets to highlight

In March 2019, at the Heli-Expo fair in Atlanta, Airbus Helicopters unveiled the new variant of its successful twin-engine helicopter, the H145. With a new rotor equipped with five…

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Modern Chinese fighter planes

At the end of the 80 years and the beginning of the 90 years, the Chinese air forces were overwhelmingly equipped with locally manufactured aircraft with very inferior performance…

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Algerian Air Forces Command Two Fighter Squadrons in Russia

According to the Algerian website, the Algerian authorities have signed, at the MAKS2019 exhibition, two contracts with the Russian aviation industry for the modernization of its air force. The first…

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Israel prepares new generation of heavy armored vehicles

Of all the armies in the world, the IDF is without a doubt one of the most experienced in the use of armored vehicles and modern battle tanks, and this in multiple ...

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