For the US Army, it becomes urgent to replace the anti-aircraft systems Patriot and Stinger

Over the past 4 years, Raytheon and the US State Department have succeeded in convincing 4 European countries to acquire the anti-aircraft and anti-missile system MIM-104 Patriot: The…

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Is passive detection going to impose itself in future military engagements?

The systematic elimination of all Armenian air defenses by the Azeri forces was a determining element in the dazzling success obtained by the latter against soldiers yet ...

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Congress wants new tactical electronic warfare aircraft for the US Air Force

It was in 1998 that the last electronic warfare EF-111A Raven was withdrawn from service with the US Air Force, without any replacement having been planned for this purpose.…

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These technologies which will be able to detect an F35 from 2030

Since the use of the F117s during the first Gulf War in 1991, stealth has been considered the essential characteristic of a combat aircraft, to be able to…

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Taiwan to deploy passive radar to counter Chinese J-20

As tensions between Beijing and Taipei continue to grow, and as the PLA increases its maneuvers near the autonomous island, the Taiwanese authorities have announced that they will soon deploy a passive radar system to enhance its detection capabilities. , especially against the stealth fighter J-20.

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What is the influence of stealth on the performance of a combat aircraft?

While Lockheed and the US Air Force are pushing to promote the F-35 in Germany at the Berlin Air Show, Eurofighter Marketing Director Raffael Klashke responded to…

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