Chinese carrier Awacs KJ-600 aircraft made its first flight

If there is one area in which the rise of the Chinese military tool impresses Westerners, it is in that of long-term resource planning. In…

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In 3 years, China has produced 3 times more destroyers than the United States and its allies in the Pacific theater

The Chinese military naval industry launched, Sunday, August 31, 2020, simultaneously the 8th heavy destroyer Type 55 and the 25th destroyer Type 52D, two of the main combatant surface units ...

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These technologies which will be able to detect an F35 from 2030

Since the use of the F117 during the first Gulf War, in 1991, stealth is considered to be the essential characteristic of a fighter plane, to be able to…

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The future of the aircraft carrier must not be threatened by an erroneous risk analysis

In an article published today, Laurent Lagneau headline "Do hypersonic weapons make the aircraft carrier obsolete", an argument widely advanced by the US Air Force, as by many high-ranking officials of ...

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