Boeing wants to twist the necks with fantasies about stealth

In the election of President Trump, Boeing once hoped that the hegemonic period of the F-35 would come to an end, in view of the President's hostile reactions to the program's costs. It appears, however, that the Lockheed-US Air Force couple has been defeated by the de facto alliance between Boeing and the US Navy over this fighter

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What is the influence of stealth on the performance of a combat aircraft?

While Lockheed and the US Air Force are pushing to promote the F-35 in Germany at the Berlin Air Show, Eurofighter Marketing Director Raffael Klashke responded to…

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Can the United States lose air superiority?

In this article published by DefenseNews, retired US Air Force Colonel Keith Zuegel, a fighter pilot who participated in Operation Desert Storm, draws an alarming assessment of the state ...

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