SCAF, MGCS… Will the new European military equipment arrive too late?

In an interview given to the site, Franck Haun, CEO of the KNDS group which brings together the German Krauss Maffei Wegman and the French Nexter, called on the French governments and…

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Turkey fears US intervention to halt the acquisition of South Korean engines for its Altay tank

While discussions between Ankara and Seoul about the propulsion pack borrowed from the K2 Black Panther tank to equip the Turkish Altay heavy tank have progressed in recent weeks, ...

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Against all logic, the new light armored vehicle of the Army will be designed in European cooperation

The replacement of Light Armored Vehicles, or LAVs, is today at the top of the list of urgently needed programs for the French Army. Designed in ...

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General Dynamics and Epirus embark the Leonidas microwave anti-drone system on Stryker armored personnel carrier

The fight against the threat that drones and drone swarms now represent is at the heart of the concerns of the US Army, which has developed a strategy based on ...

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Nexter would negotiate a very important contract with Saudi Arabia

In recent years, the French defense industries have not been very happy in their attempts to export to Riyadh, the Saudi kingdom having most often turned to others ...

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