SCAF, MGCS… Will the new European military equipment arrive too late?

In an interview given to the site, Franck Haun, the CEO of the KNDS group which brings together the German Krauss Maffei Wegman and the French Nexter, called on the French and German governments to accelerate the Main Ground Combat System or MGCS program, which according to him, at the current rate of things, should not reach a delivery before 2040 and even 2045. If the considerations of Franck Haun are above all industrial, calling in particular to widen the program on the European scene, the fact remains no less true than an objective analysis of the schedules of current programs, MGCS like SCAF, the combat aircraft program...

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Armor, suit and exoskeleton: When Science Fiction leads the way

Whether it's armor to increase the resistance of the body, or camouflage outfits to exacerbate the discretion and stealth of soldiers, soldiers have been wearing protective clothing and appendages for several millennia. Today, we are seeing the beginnings of a new generation of systems intended both to protect and to increase the combatant's power and resistance, and sometimes to erase him from the adversary's detection systems, whether either in the form of exoskeletons, connected “body-armor”, or adaptive camouflage outfits. In this field, science fiction has, for many years, paved the way, both in literature,…

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What are these next generation camouflage technologies?

In English, a term is often used to designate new generation camouflage technologies: Cloaking, literally the “use of a cape”. The reference to the elven cloaks of Frodo Baggins and the invisibility cloak of the most famous of the young British wizards is obvious, while retaining a dreamlike dimension. However, this term is now used most seriously in the world by many research laboratories working for the Defense industry around the world. Thanks to new meta-materials, it is indeed now possible to completely or partially erase the presence of an object, a vehicle or a soldier, from view...

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