T-7 Red Hawk, T-50 Golden Eagle, M-346 Master and F-22 Raptor: the great ambitions of the US Air Force's RFX Reforge program

In 2018, the US Air Force selects Boeing and the Swedish aircraft manufacturer Saab as part of the TX competition, aimed at providing a new advanced training aircraft to replace the old…

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Future US Navy training aircraft may not board American aircraft carriers

On May 14, the US Navy issued a request for information (RFI) concerning a new jet plane intended to train its pilots to land on aircraft carriers. If it is not for ...

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F35 fails to solve Pentagon software problems

In a report published by the Pentagon's Operational Test and Evaluation Office, chief tester Robert Behler makes a critical and at least problematic judgment regarding the…

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The US Air Force wants to prepare its officers for the upcoming arrival of directed energy weapons

For the US Air Force, the entry into service of directed energy weapons, such as lasers or electromagnetic weapons (Rail Gun), will profoundly alter the paradigms of air warfare, and ...

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Thales joins the Tempest program

There will not be only MBDA that will benefit from its dual Franco-British nationality in the barren competition that is brewing between Tempest and SCAF. Indeed, the group Thales ...

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