According to simulations, the US Air Force will lose its advantage from 2027 on the current trajectory

“Wargaming simulations show that we are not accelerating fast enough,… we have to go faster”. It is in these terms that General Clinton Hinote, who is piloting the ...

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The new US Air Force strategy calls for a 15-year lifecycle for its fighters

While leading the acquisitions and developments of the US Air Force under the Trump administration, Dr. Will Roper had personified a dynamic of radical change in the piloting of ...

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Will Switzerland select the F35 despite itself?

The days go by and are not alike in Bern. Indeed, while last week, the French proposal and the Rafale aircraft seemed to have won competition for the…

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Is technology moving too fast for industrial defense programs?

For the past two years, the United States Marine Corps has begun to reflect deeply on the nature of its mission in the years to come, and on the means by which ...

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The US can defeat China, but with weapons that don't exist

Countering an offensive against Taiwan is one of, if not the main preoccupation of the US armed forces today. Unfortunately, the very many wargames carried out in recent years at this…

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The US Army formalizes the order for IVAS intelligent infantry glasses

When it was launched in 2018, the Integrated Visual Augmentation System, or IVAS, intelligent infantry glasses program left many observers skeptical, including in the United States Congress. Only…

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