These 10 technologies that are revolutionizing or will revolutionize military action (part 1)

The post-Cold War period, which began with the disappearance of the Soviet Union, and characterized by undisputed American supremacy, has ended in recent years, even if the perception ...

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The US Army develops a revolutionary new quantum multi spectral antenna

The applications of quantum mechanics are just beginning to appear that already, in the world of La Défense, they open up paths likely to profoundly modify military technology in ...

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Cooperation between piloted equipment and drones is essential for all US forces

In just a few weeks, the 3 major US armies, the US Army, the US Navy and the US Air Force, have announced major advances in the hardware programs that will equip ...

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Rail Gun, hypersonic missile, quantum radar ... China and Russia, the big Bluff?

Since the beginning of the 2010 years, the announcements on new technologies with military potential by China and Russia follow one another, to the point that sometimes, one can ...

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