Huawei's 5G network could jeopardize military cooperation between London and Washington

A priori, there is no connection between the deployment of a civilian 5G telecommunications network and the defense agreements between two historic partners such as the United Kingdom and…

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Is the Internet of Thins a Trojan in the hands of the FSB?

The question may seem soliciting, however, it is legitimate, if we believe the publications made by the collective of Russian hackers Digital Revolution on its Twitter account. And…

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Pentagon begins study of transportable and projectable nuclear mini-reactors

The Pentagon announced this Monday, March 9, the award of 3 contracts to 3 American companies for the preliminary study of a transportable and projectable miniaturized nuclear reactor with an electrical power of…

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Lockheed-Martin to Replace F35 ALIS Maintenance System

During the first years of the F35 program, the automated maintenance supervision system ALIS for Autonomic Logistics Information System, was presented as the Grail of aeronautical maintenance ...

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Microsoft Wins JEDI Program to Bring Pentagon Information to the Cloud

Microsoft has created a surprise by winning against Amazon, yet given big favorite, the contract of 10 Md $ for the JEDI program, aimed at bringing much of the ...

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