Will Covid-19 get the better of European intelligence diplomacy?

“It is a question of European sovereignty. As soon as one wishes to gain in strategic defense capacity, it is necessary to gain in intelligence capacity ”. It was late February…

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The risk of an American downgrade in the race for mastery at AI

At present, the United States remains the first power in the race to master the AI ​​through their digital hegemony. But many internal concerns about the ...

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Microsoft Wins JEDI Program to Bring Pentagon Information to the Cloud

Microsoft has created a surprise by winning against Amazon, yet given big favorite, the contract of 10 Md $ for the JEDI program, aimed at bringing much of the ...

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IA demystified (1 / 2): AI and Defense

#IA here, AI by there, IA do you want to be here ... For some months, the term "AI" (Artificial Intelligence) has invaded the world of Aeronautics & Defense. But what about exactly ...

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