Are F35, Su57 and J20 really a generation ahead of the Rafale and the Typhoon?

Very often, when it comes to comparing devices like the F35, Su-57 and J-20 to European devices like the Rafale, the Typhoon or even the JAS39 Gripen,…

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With Agility Prime, the US Air Force wants to become a major player in the field of "Flying Cars"

From April 27 to May 1, the USAF will organize a “virtual, coronavirus epidemic” event - “Agility Prime”, named after an innovative Air Force program aimed at acquiring “cars…

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Boeing Continues To Move Forward On Loyal Wingman Program In Australia

Boeing Australia recently made two new advances on its Loyal Wingman program, which was unveiled just over a year ago. In February, the fuselage of the first prototype…

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These 10 technologies that are revolutionizing or will revolutionize military action (part 1)

The post-Cold War period, which began with the disappearance of the Soviet Union, and characterized by undisputed American supremacy, has ended in recent years, even if the perception ...

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The US Army develops a revolutionary new quantum multi spectral antenna

The applications of quantum mechanics are just beginning to appear that already, in the world of La Défense, they open up paths likely to profoundly modify military technology in ...

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How have hypersonic weapons changed the pattern of modern military action?

Once again this week, hypersonic weapons represented a non-negligible part of global defense technological news. In Russia, the engineers announced that they had successfully fired the first missile ...

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The US Defense Secretary unveils his strategy for a fleet of 355 ships in 2030

As we have already treated several times on Meta-Defense, the US Navy is struggling to define its plan of building ships for the years to come, caught in a vice between ...

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The Rand warns of the escalation risks linked to the use of Artificial Intelligence

Twice, during the Cold War, the composure and sagacity of Russian officers saved the world from nuclear war. In October 1962, in the midst of a missile crisis ...

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