President Lukashenko announces the creation of an armed territorial defense of 45.000 men

Following the fraudulent re-election of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in 2020, massive and popular demonstrations brought hundreds of thousands of Belarusians to the streets to protest against this new denial of democracy. Supported by Russia, which will send soldiers, security forces and propagandists there, these demonstrations will be very harshly repressed, causing at least 4 deaths, 4000 injuries and more than 30.000 arrests. The Belarusian opposition is either arrested or forced into exile, and the regime is dramatically increasing crackdowns and arrests in the country, even for isolated and small-scale acts, such as wearing the traditional colors of the Belarusian flag.…

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Is the new North Korean M2020 tank a “fake”?

North Korea has carried out numerous demonstrations of force in recent years, whether through the testing of new ballistic and cruise missiles, but also through impressive military parades to celebrate the regime or the armed forces. . It was during one of these parades that the new M2020 combat tank was presented for the first time in 2021. Presented by Pyongyang as a next-generation tank intended to be halfway between the American M1A2 Abrams and the T- 14 Russian Armata, this new tank did indeed sport some of the visible exterior features of these modern tanks, including armor…

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For the RAND think tank, the stalemate in the conflict in Ukraine would directly threaten US interests

Created in 1948 by the American aircraft manufacturer Douglas, the Rand Corporation is today one of the most influential think tanks in the United States, particularly with regard to military and international affairs, especially since unlike other other major American think tanks, it is not politically affiliated. In fact, his analyzes are most often evaluated with great attention by both American political decision-makers and the Pentagon. Since the start of the Ukrainian crisis, the Rand has produced a large number of often very relevant analyzes at a sustained pace. The latest analysis published on January 27 deserves special attention. In…

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The Russian mobilization could have greatly exceeded the 300.000 men announced

To cope with the heavy losses recorded since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, Vladimir announced on September 21 a partial mobilization of 300.000 men aged 18 to 49. According to the announcements made by the Russian leader and his Defense Minister, Sergei Shoighou, it was above all a question of mobilizing men with recent military experience (-5 years), while discarding the idea of ​​general mobilization, intimately linked to the very concept of war, this going against the narrative of the Kremlin which, since the beginning of the conflict, has spoken of Special Military Operations. Many testimonials on Russian social networks have shown…

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Do Russian abuses in Ukraine serve a military objective?

Since the start of the withdrawal of Russian forces around and north of Kyiv, testimonies and evidence of numerous abuses carried out by Russian soldiers against the civilian population have rapidly multiplied. If there is still time today for the investigation, it now seems that these were not the work of isolated soldiers, but of a coordinated action carried out with the approval of the Russian command. At the same time, direct attacks against civilian populations, apart from any military target, have also increased significantly in recent weeks, particularly in and around Donbass. If the debate today revolves mainly around the responsibilities concerning…

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The Russian-Ukrainian conflict after 36 hours of fighting

While the Russian offensive against Ukraine began a little over 36 hours ago, the information concerning the conduct of operations by the two belligerents, but also the reality of the fighting relayed by the OSINT community and by the few journalists who remain on the spot, already make it possible to draw the first lessons of this war, but also of the operational capacities of the two armies. More than 160 ballistic and cruise missiles fired in 24 hours If the Russian forces implemented Kalibr cruise missiles fired from corvettes and submarines positioned in the Black Sea and…

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Russia-Ukraine: the first conflict of the OSINT era

Do you know the term OSINT? It is an acronym in English meaning Open Source Intelligence, or Information on Public Data in French. This methodology was popularized by the Bellingcat group created in July 2014 by Eliot Higgins, which notably engaged in the analysis of data relating to the destruction of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down on July 17 of the same year, demonstrating the involvement of Russian BUK systems in the destruction of the aircraft. Later, this same Bellingcat group demonstrated the involvement of agents of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence services, in the poisoning of the former Russian agent Sergeï Skripal and his daughter…

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North Korea tested new cruise missile with a range of 1500 km

Apart from the tests of two short-range ballistic missiles, Pyongyang had been rather discreet in recent months since the election of Joe Biden to the White House. Even the annual parade marking the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the country, held a few days ago in the North Korean capital, featured not new missiles and armaments as was the case last year, but civil society, and in particular the teams engaged in the fight against Covid19. It must be said that Kim Jung Un, who has ruled the country with an iron fist since the death of his father,…

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France strengthens its response to Social Warfare

For several years, France has been the subject of several attacks aimed at manipulating part of public opinion via social networks, attacks mainly piloted from foreign countries sometimes hostile to the country, or to certain political orientations. Several emblematic cases of these coordinated attacks have been revealed to the general public, such as the social outburst piloted from Turkey around the murder of Samuel Paty, this professor assassinated by a radical Islamist in his classroom, or the false revelations around emails from candidate Macron's campaign team 2 days before the second round of the presidential elections, revelations which ultimately turned out to be composed...

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