Do Russian abuses in Ukraine serve a military objective?

Since the start of the withdrawal of Russian forces around and north of Kyiv, testimonies and evidence of numerous abuses carried out by Russian soldiers against the civilian population have rapidly multiplied. If there is still time today for the investigation, it now seems that these were not the work of isolated soldiers, but of a coordinated action carried out with the approval of the Russian command. At the same time, direct attacks against civilian populations, apart from any military target, have also increased significantly in recent weeks, particularly in and around Donbass. If the debate today revolves mainly around the responsibilities concerning…

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The Russian-Ukrainian conflict after 36 hours of fighting

While the Russian offensive against Ukraine began a little over 36 hours ago, the information concerning the conduct of operations by the two belligerents, but also the reality of the fighting relayed by the OSINT community and by the few journalists who remain on the spot, already make it possible to draw the first lessons of this war, but also of the operational capacities of the two armies. More than 160 ballistic and cruise missiles fired in 24 hours If the Russian forces implemented Kalibr cruise missiles fired from corvettes and submarines positioned in the Black Sea and…

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Russia-Ukraine: the first conflict of the OSINT era

Do you know the term OSINT? It is an acronym in English meaning Open Source Intelligence, or Information on Public Data in French. This methodology was popularized by the Bellingcat group created in July 2014 by Eliot Higgins, which notably engaged in the analysis of data relating to the destruction of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down on July 17 of the same year, demonstrating the involvement of Russian BUK systems in the destruction of the aircraft. Later, this same Bellingcat group demonstrated the involvement of agents of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence services, in the poisoning of the former Russian agent Sergeï Skripal and his daughter…

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North Korea tested new cruise missile with a range of 1500 km

Apart from the tests of two short-range ballistic missiles, Pyongyang had been rather discreet in recent months since the election of Joe Biden to the White House. Even the annual parade marking the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the country, held a few days ago in the North Korean capital, featured not new missiles and armaments as was the case last year, but civil society, and in particular the teams engaged in the fight against Covid19. It must be said that Kim Jung Un, who has ruled the country with an iron fist since the death of his father,…

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France strengthens its response to Social Warfare

For several years, France has been the subject of several attacks aimed at manipulating part of public opinion via social networks, attacks mainly piloted from foreign countries sometimes hostile to the country, or to certain political orientations. Several emblematic cases of these coordinated attacks have been revealed to the general public, such as the social outburst piloted from Turkey around the murder of Samuel Paty, this professor assassinated by a radical Islamist in his classroom, or the false revelations around emails from candidate Macron's campaign team 2 days before the second round of the presidential elections, revelations which ultimately turned out to be composed...

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New tensions between the United States and China around Taiwan

Observing the evolution of tensions between the United States and China around Taiwan gives the impression of witnessing a series of events leading inevitably to a dramatic accident. And clearly neither Beijing nor Washington now intends to try to find an alternative to a potentially armed confrontation. Thus, since the beginning of 2021, the Chinese air and naval forces have multiplied demonstrations of force by organizing exercises near the island whose independence is not recognized by Beijing. On their side, the United States, with increasingly strong support from its direct Japanese, Australian and…

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United States, China and Russia strengthen their Information Warfare capabilities

In just a few years, Information Warfare, which can be incorrectly translated as Information Battlefields, has established itself as one of the major subjects within the world's major military powers, which devote to it every year more resources. Three countries in particular, the United States on the one hand, and China and Russia on the other, have integrated this new battlefield into the very heart of their new military doctrines, to the point of integrating at different levels combat units specialists in this field, and thus to give their forces new operational capabilities which, potentially, can prove to be as or even more effective than a regiment...

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Is China developing a strategic bombing drone?

A few days ago, an article published by the Chinese site South China Morning Post shocked the community of observers of the Chinese military aeronautical industry, announcing that the firm Zhongtian Feilong Intelligent Technology was developing a heavy combat drone, the Feilong 2, whose mission profile would be identical to that of the future American strategic bomber B-21 Raider being developed by Northrop Grumman. According to the Chinese company, the prototype is already well advanced, and the entry into service of the FL2 could take place as early as 2026. In terms of performance, Zhongtian Feilong announces a high subsonic speed, a range of 7000 km, a ceiling of 15.000 …

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Is a Maskirovka on the way over Russian-Ukrainian tensions?

Popularized by the excellent "Red Storm" by Tom Clancy and Larry Bond, the author of the no less excellent naval war simulation Harpoon, the Maskirovka is an intelligence operation aimed at creating from scratch a casus belli justifying the legitimate engagement of forces. The novel, which describes a hypothetical conflict between the Soviet Union and NATO against a backdrop of an energy crisis, presents an evolved scenario concerning this Soviet Maskirovka, intended to mobilize the population around an attack against NATO following an attack aimed at the elites of the Communist Party, supposedly carried out by the German secret services, while at the same time, the armies were undergoing a…

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