Japan forced to interpret constitution to strengthen military capabilities against China and North Korea

Inherited from the American occupation following the defeat of the Empire of Japan during World War II, the Japanese constitution prohibits the country from having military force, as well ...

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Hypersonic missiles are becoming the priority of the US Department of Defense to counter the Chinese threat.

A few weeks ago, before starting the study on the sustainability of aircraft carriers in the US Navy, Mark Esper, the secretary to the Defense of the United States, had publicly questioned the…

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With Laika class, Russia wants a non-nuclear deterrent submarine

In an interview published by the Russian armed forces newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda (red star), Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov gives an update on the developments of the new class of submarines…

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How have hypersonic weapons changed the pattern of modern military action?

Once again this week, hypersonic weapons represented a non-negligible part of global defense technological news. In Russia, the engineers announced that they had successfully fired the first missile ...

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Pakistan tests new cruise missile capable of hitting the heart of India

According to Pakistani military sources, Islamabad is said to have tested three days ago a new cruise missile for Pakistani warplanes. This missile, designated Ra'ad-II,…

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Russia develops air-to-air zone defense missile to counter hypersonic weapons

In May 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would develop a missile capable of intercepting the hypersonic weapons that the country's adversaries were developing, relying on…

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Iranian missile accuracy would rely on Russian GLONASS system

The precision of the Iranian strikes on Iraqi bases on January 8 surprised many specialists in the military question. According to the Israeli site DebkaFile.com, which specializes in questions…

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Iran would only be 2 years away from having nuclear ballistic missiles

According to information obtained by the breakingdefense.com site, the Israeli intelligence services have elements allowing to estimate that the Iranian engineers are only two years away from being able to embark…

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