T-7 Red Hawk, T-50 Golden Eagle, M-346 Master and F-22 Raptor: the great ambitions of the US Air Force's RFX Reforge program

In 2018, the US Air Force selects Boeing and the Swedish aircraft manufacturer Saab as part of the TX competition, aimed at providing a new advanced training aircraft to replace the old…

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Barkhane: six months after the Pau Summit, what effects on the Sahelian theater?

On January 13, 2020 was held the Pau Summit intended to give back momentum to a demoralized and destabilized G5 Sahel under the impact of the aggression of attacks by…

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Taiwan: T-5 Brave Eagle advanced training aircraft makes its first flight

Last September, Taiwanese aircraft manufacturer AIDC presented its new advanced training aircraft, the T-5 Brave Eagle. Two days ago, the first prototype of the Brave Eagle was therefore carrying out its…

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The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford completes its Flight Deck Certification equipped with EMALS and AAG

While the question of the usefulness of super aircraft carriers still arises within the US Navy, the new generation of nuclear aircraft carriers (CVN) continues its development. Relative to…

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US Congress plans to replicate European aid measure in the Pacific

The Republican representative of Texas in the US House of Representatives, Mac Thornberry, also a Republican leader on the House Armed Services Committee, will present a proposal this Thursday…

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Chinese state press reports "possible struggle" around Taiwan island

The Chinese state website GlobalTimes.cn published an article today reporting a significant number of People's Liberation Army air force exercises around the island of Taiwan. The argument…

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