Biden administration suspends arms exports to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

As we have already mentioned on several occasions, former American President Donald Trump was not stingy with pitfalls for the attention of his successor, both in the field of domestic and international politics. And the case of arms export contracts to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is probably one of the most complex for the new tenant of the White House to manage, as there are so many serial complications, whatever be the options selected. Predictably, Joe Biden has therefore decided to start by temporizing, by suspending the execution of arms export contracts to these two countries, officially to assess the…

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The 7 main defense challenges of 2021

2020 was a year of extraordinary intensity in terms of defence, both politically and technologically. And whatever some media say, it is very likely that 2021 will be in the same vein, with increasingly intense international friction, accelerating global rearmament, and increasingly clear-cut national positions, all leading to an increase in number and intensity of crises. Certain subjects will have to be followed with great attention in the weeks and months to come, because they will very likely be able to condition the Defense issues for 2021 and the years to come. The Defense Policy…

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Canada suspends export of key components of Turkish drone TB2 Bayraktar

The Turkish-made TB2 Bayraktar combat drone has undeniably demonstrated its operational effectiveness in recent months, whether in Syria, Libya or Nagorno-Karabakh. In particular, it showed great precision, both in guiding artillery strikes and in the use of its own light MAM ammunition, dealing serious blows to enemy defences, including in the face of modern anti-aircraft systems such as the Pantsir S1. But if the drone is obviously a success of the Turkish aeronautical industry, its components are, on the other hand, for many imported from Ankara's "allies" within NATO. This is particularly the case…

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Iran to negotiate acquisition of S400, Tor M2 and Pantsir S2 anti-aircraft systems from Russia

Is Donald Trump's foreign policy backfiring? This is what one might think when the American proposal to extend the embargo on the sale of arms to Iran was rejected by the vast majority of the United Nations Security Council last week, including understood by the French and British allies. Recall that this embargo was linked to the continuation of Tehran's military nuclear program, as well as to the Vienna agreements, from which the United States withdrew unilaterally in 2018 by decision of President Trump. In fact, Iran will be able to acquire weapons systems starting October 18 from…

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Faced with Turkish interference in Libya, Egypt could once again buy heavy weapons in France

While diplomatic and commercial relations between France and Egypt have been at their worst since January 2019, it would seem that Turkey's actions in Libya and the Mediterranean have ended up bringing Cairo and Paris closer together, annoyed by the interference of 'Ankara in the region. This is in any case what reports Michel Cabirol, of the newspaper "La Tribune", always well informed on this file. From 2013, France quickly became one of Egypt's main arms suppliers. In a few years, Paris sold Cairo two Mistral-type helicopter carriers, a FREMM frigate, four Gowind corvettes (including three built on…

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Is the attitude of the Turkish navy in the Mediterranean a threat to Europe and NATO?

For more than a year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey has been providing massive support to the GNA, the Libyan government of national unity which opposes militarily the National Liberation Army of Marshal Haftar (see our two-part dossier on Turkish involvement in Libya). In a few months, the human and material reinforcements conveyed by Turkey and Qatar succeeded in reversing the tactical situation in the region of Tripoli, hitherto besieged by the ANL and its allies. In recent weeks, however, Turkish support for the GNA has pushed Ankara into playing a particularly dangerous game vis-à-vis the European Union and NATO, whose…

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Coronavirus: armies at the heart of conspiratorial rumors

Even before the first speech by the President of the Republic in connection with the current coronavirus epidemic, on March 12, rumors concerning the armed forces were already circulating in conspiratorial circles. They sought to explain the so-called obvious links between the epidemic which was then beginning in China or Italy and the involvement of the army, if possible American for more sensationalism. In recent days, in France, some of these rumors have found a certain echo and a sounding board on all social networks, from Twitter to Facebook via WhatsApp. Others have also suddenly appeared by diverting facts and…

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Turkey waits for its first F-35 in November 2019

The year 2019 will probably be a pivotal year for Turkey in terms of defence. In October, it should receive its first S-400 systems acquired from Moscow. In November, as Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has just recalled, it intends to receive its first F-35As, in accordance with the contract signed with Lockheed and the American authorities. However, the American authorities seem firm on the fact that it will be one or the other, but not both. But threats of a defense embargo on Turkey, like economic sanctions in application of the CAATSA law, seem to have less and less effect on President Erdogan. In…

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