Bellingcat demonstrates existence of chemical weapons program in Russia

In 2010, Dimitry Medvedev, then President of the Russian Federation, announced the dismantling of all their infrastructures for the production of chemical and bacteriological weapons, in accordance with the commitments of the 1997 convention. them, was to take place in 2012, then in 2015, only to have been postponed to 2020. But these official announcements may well have been window dressing, and Moscow may still have a program of chemical weapons, weapons which would have been used in the attacks of several dissidents or political opponents, including that of Alexandre Navalny, in a saga…

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Can Coronaviruses become first strike weapons?

In a press release published yesterday, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces indicated that the test campaign on the sailors of the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle had revealed that 688 of them were contaminated with the Covid19 virus, i.e. more than a third of the crew, even though the ship had practiced the systematic isolation of symptomatic cases on board as soon as the disease appeared. In other words, and despite the precautions taken on board (if not during the stopover at the port of Brest), the virus had already spread widely among the crew before the number of recognized cases began to grow. , and bring them…

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