The US Navy will have to increase its 35% format to face China in 2039

In 2018, the Chinese naval industry will have launched more 20 surface ships, including 5 destroyers, as many frigates, and 7 corvettes, as well as, it is estimated, 4 submarines including 2 nuclear propulsion.

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MBMP's MMP anti-tank missile is tested by the French Navy

During the 70 years and until the 90 years, the Franco-German anti-tank missiles Milan and HOT were acclaimed by the world's armies. Unfortunately, in the 2000 years, MBDA did not convince the governments of both countries of the need to continue the effort, and new players, including the Israeli Rafael, have positioned themselves on the market.

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Is Russia developing a vertical take-off plane?

Russian Defense program announcements have been following one another at a frantic pace in recent years, even though the resources of the armed forces are under duress. In fact, an intelligent reading of industrial communication, political intoxication and the reality of programs is very difficult to achieve.

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New information about the future Chinese LHD Type 075

The EastPendulum blog gives us new information about the future Chinese Navy Helicopter Assault Vessel, identified as the 075 Type. Measuring 32.000 tons under load, it will have 6 sports and 3 lifts, to implement up to 28 helicopters, and will have a raft that can accommodate two 726A type assault hovercraft

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Russia wants to start construction of 2021 helicopter carrier

While the second Russian class assault ship Ivan Green begins his sea trials, the feedback from this new Russian landing craft barge, intended to be the answer of the Russian naval industry to the cancellation of the French GCP contract, are rather bad, especially concerning the nautical qualities of the building.

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China deploys its network of naval bases in the Indo-Pacific area

The Sri Lankan authorities have reportedly ceded a 99-year concession to a Chinese company for the operation of the port of Hambantota, at the southern tip of the peninsula, and therefore to ...

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