The 5 assets of the Rafale against the Super Hornet for Indian naval aviation

The Rafale M1, the first aircraft in the program intended for French naval aeronautics, is today at the heart of attention for Dassault Aviation and the entire Rafale Team. Indeed,…

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These conflicts that threaten in 2022: Ukraine-Russia

If it was a defining factor to describe the year 2021, apart from the Covid crisis, it is undoubtedly the significant increase in direct tensions between many states, with the risk, well ...

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Swiss F-35: Rising prices and falling industrial compensation

Barely 5 months after the selection of the Lockheed-Martin F-35A to replace the F-5 and F / A 18 of the Swiss air force, the announcements and the disappointments accumulate for the…

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Is Germany ready to do anything to preserve Russian gas?

In recent weeks, the tensions between Moscow and Kiev have again crossed not one, but several levels. Not only do the Russian armies continue to mass in considerable troops ...

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Ukrainian and Western intelligence fear Russian winter offensive in Ukraine

The scenario is well known now. According to satellite observations and Ukrainian and Western intelligence services, Russia massages a considerable armed force of nearly ...

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By announcing the launch of 60 Defense technology programs, does the Australian Prime Minister want to drown the submarine?

To say that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison would be in a difficult position would be an understatement. Indeed, not only is he entangled in the consequences of his dangerous arbitrations ...

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A Swiss parliamentary committee will analyze the conditions for the selection of the F-35 in Switzerland

The choice, by the Swiss authorities, of the F-35A and the Patriot anti-aircraft system for the modernization of the Swiss air forces and anti-aircraft defense last June had made…

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According to simulations, the US Air Force will lose its advantage from 2027 on the current trajectory

“Wargaming simulations show that we are not accelerating fast enough,… we have to go faster”. It is in these terms that General Clinton Hinote, who is piloting the ...

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