Towards a failure of the Russia-NATO negotiations?

The negotiations that are being held this week in Geneva between the representatives of the Russian Federation and those of the Western camps including the United States and NATO, have known since yesterday…

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UAE Suspends F-35 Purchase Negotiations

So in the middle of the electoral campaign for his re-election to the White House, Donald Trump marked a big blow in the summer of 2020 by announcing the signing of a peace agreement between ...

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Is Germany ready to do anything to preserve Russian gas?

In recent weeks, the tensions between Moscow and Kiev have again crossed not one, but several levels. Not only do the Russian armies continue to mass in considerable troops ...

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Ukrainian and Western intelligence fear Russian winter offensive in Ukraine

The scenario is well known now. According to satellite observations and Ukrainian and Western intelligence services, Russia massages a considerable armed force of nearly ...

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A Swiss parliamentary committee will analyze the conditions for the selection of the F-35 in Switzerland

The choice, by the Swiss authorities, of the F-35A and the Patriot anti-aircraft system for the modernization of the Swiss air forces and anti-aircraft defense last June had made…

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Faced with V. Putin, E. Macron declares that France was ready to guarantee Ukrainian territorial integrity

Between the migrant crisis on the Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian borders, and the new concentration of forces on the Ukrainian borders, the Kremlin has been unfolding for several weeks a good part of…

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Will China take military technological ascendancy over the United States?

When on October 4, 1957, an R-7 Semiorka rocket launched from the Baikonur site in Kazakstan put the first artificial satellite Sputnik 1 into orbit, the United States' confidence in ...

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Beijing, Moscow toughen up in Pacific with show of naval force around Japan

In recent months, the United States, and its allies, have stepped up large-scale naval exercises in the Pacific, sometimes near the China Sea or Taiwan, ...

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