Towards a failure of the Russia-NATO negotiations?

The negotiations that are being held this week in Geneva between the representatives of the Russian Federation and those of the Western camps including the United States and NATO, have known since yesterday…

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These conflicts that threaten in 2022: Ukraine-Russia

If it was a defining factor to describe the year 2021, apart from the Covid crisis, it is undoubtedly the significant increase in direct tensions between many states, with the risk, well ...

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Thailand reckons F-35A will be cheaper than Swedish JAS-39 Gripen E

This is a statement that must have hurt Saab's headquarters in Linköping. According to statements reported by the Bangkok Post, the Chief of Staff of the Thai Air Force, ...

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N ° 1 Top 2021: Submarines: the decision of the Australian government increasingly contested in Australia and the United States

After a phase of sometimes unhealthy euphoria following the announcement of the cancellation of the order for Shortfin Barracuda submarines in favor of American or British nuclear submarines and of a tripartite alliance with blurred outlines, many voices s are now raising, in Australia, but also in the United States ...

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India, South Korea: France on the offensive in the field of nuclear submarines

The Minister of the French Armed Forces, Florence Parly, is traveling to India this weekend to meet her Indian counterpart Shri Rajnath Singh, as well as other officials from…

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Faced with the Ukrainian crisis, should Europe launch a Defense “Marshall Plan”?

On June 5, 1947, the American Secretary of State and hero of the Second World War, General Georges Marshall, announced the implementation of a massive plan to help countries ...

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Is Germany ready to do anything to preserve Russian gas?

In recent weeks, the tensions between Moscow and Kiev have again crossed not one, but several levels. Not only do the Russian armies continue to mass in considerable troops ...

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Will the F-35 hypothesis reappear in Germany?

The new ruling coalition in Germany published yesterday the coalition agreement which constitutes the global contract around which the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals have agreed ...

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