The Su-75 Checkmate returns to the UAE to try to permanently remove the F-35

The United Arab Emirates were identified as a strategic prospect by Rostec, right from the start of the communication around this program. Moscow and Abu Dhabi have indeed been in discussion around a joint light fighter program for several years, while the Arab state has already purchased several major pieces of equipment from Russian manufacturers, including the Pantsir S-1 anti-aircraft system. . With the announcement of the Emirati intention to acquire 50 F-35A from the United States, the chances for the Russian defense industrial conglomerate to impose itself in the country drastically declined. With Joe Biden putting this program on hold following his…

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A new version of the Chinese heavy embarked fighter J-15 soon in service?

As for the J-11 air superiority fighter which was derived from the Su-27, or the J-16 fighter-bomber derived from the Su-30, the standard carrier-based fighter of the Chinese naval aviation, the J-15, results from a reverse-engineered a Russian fighter from the Flanker family, in this case a Su-33 acquired from Ukraine when Beijing acquired the hull of the aircraft carrier Varyag, left unused in the shipyards Ukrainians after the implosion of the Soviet Union. But unlike the J-11B, and especially the J-16, the J-15 had undergone little modernization in the conversion process, and suffered from several defects that already struck its Soviet big brother, in particular…

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India, South Korea: France on the offensive in the field of nuclear submarines

The Minister of the French Armed Forces, Florence Parly, is traveling to India this weekend to meet her Indian counterpart Shri Rajnath Singh, as well as other officials from New Delhi, in order to discuss several topics in the field of cooperation. strategic and industrial relationship between the two countries, partners and long-standing allies. In addition to the question of a possible additional order of Rafale aircraft, cooperation in the field of helicopters with a line of sight, a possible contract to equip the Indian Coast Guard with Caracal helicopters, and questions of strategic cooperation in the theater Pacific shaken up in recent months both by the…

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Turkey sinks into denial over defense programs

By dint of wanting to play on several fronts at the same time, Ankara now seems to see the prospects for its ambitious defense programs come up against the reality of international relations. Thus, within the framework of the T-FX program aimed at designing a new generation fighter bomber to replace the oldest F-4 and F-16, and which still expects to produce a first prototype by 2023, the director of industries Turkish defense forces, Ismail Demir, announced on December 4 that the new device would be powered, in its initial version, by the F-110 reactor from the American General Electric, the reactor which notably equips the F-16…

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Russia challenges F-35 in UAE with Su-75 Checkmate

Since its official presentation this summer at the ARMY-2021 show in Moscow, the new 5th generation Russian single-engine fighter Su-75 Checkmate has obviously become the workhorse of Sukhoi but also of Rostec to impose itself during the upcoming international competitions in the field of combat aircraft. This week, on the occasion of the Dubai Airshow, the new aircraft, which still only exists in the form of a static prototype, took its first steps on the international scene, and is clearly positioned as an alternative to the American F-35A , but also to the European Rafale, Typhoon and Gripen, in the speech of Russian officials,…

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Turkey fears US intervention to halt the acquisition of South Korean engines for its Altay tank

While discussions between Ankara and Seoul over the propulsion package borrowed from the K2 Black Panther tank to equip the Turkish heavy tank Altay have progressed in recent weeks, they have also taken a different direction from that initially envisaged by Turkish officials. Indeed, where the latter initially envisaged co-production with technology transfer for the 250 Doosan engines and S&T Dynamics distribution which are to equip the first tranche of Altay tanks, it seems that now they are content with an acquisition "off the shelf" of the propulsion pack according to the statements of the Turkish authorities. Obviously, in such an approach, it seems little...

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Safran and Rolls-Royce face to face to power the new generation AMCA Indian fighter

Launched in 2010, the new generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft or AMCA medium fighter program undoubtedly has many ambitions in New Delhi and the entire Indian military aeronautical industry. The first prototype is expected for 2024, and industrial production, if the current schedule were to be respected, plans to enter service for the end of the decade, in order to take over from the older Su-30 MKIs. If HAL and the entire Indian industry now have the necessary skills to develop the cell, the flight controls or the avionics and weapon systems of the aircraft, there remains…

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On the brink, Turkish BMC signs partnership with South Korea to power Altay tank

Undisputed star of Eurosatory 2018, the Turkish heavy battle tank Atlay and its manufacturer, BMC, have since experienced many difficulties, following European sanctions following Turkish intervention in Syria, and provocations by Ankara against Greece. in the eastern Mediterranean. Indeed, the flagship program of the Turkish defense industry was therefore deprived of the components essential to its realization, the transmission and the turbo-diesel engine supplied by the Germans RENK and MTU, and the composite steel used for the armor of the tank of French invoice. Since then, the assembly line of the tank set up by BMC was at a standstill, putting the company…

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