Has China declared the rare earth war?

Relations between Washington and Beijing have continued to deteriorate in recent years, whether in the commercial and technological confrontation between the two superpowers in 2018 and 2019, ...

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Boeing suspends production of P-19 Poseidon and KC-8 Pegasus aircraft due to Covid-46

Since the day before yesterday, the factories of Boeing in the State of Washington (in the North-West of the United States) began to slow down their activity drastically after the state of emergency was declared in this…

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130 US Congressmen Call for 24% Increase in F-35 Orders

As every year, the Pentagon publishes its forecast budget for the following fiscal year, to be approved by the United States Congress. This subject has already been discussed extensively in our lines, and ...

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Royal Navy: Power Improvement Project for 45 Type 2020 Destroyers

The trilateral program (France - Italy - United Kingdom) Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS) was used to arm the frigates Franco-Italian Horizon program. The British had withdrawn from this program ...

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Orka program: two Södermanland class submarines ceded by Sweden for Poland?

The Polish Minister of Defense, Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak, confirmed, during the day of the Polish Navy, by communiqué the existence of negotiations with Sweden for the lease of ...

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Nexter's VBCI contract in Qatar for 2 billion euros would be in jeopardy

According to Michel Cabirol, the specialist in defense issues at the La Tribune economic site, the contract for the acquisition of 490 Armored Infantry Combat Vehicles by Qatar, announced ...

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Imminent order of US nuclear attack submarines Virginia Block IV (1) and Virginia Block V (8)?

The US Navy (United States Navy or USN) was to sign 2018 since October, which will be perhaps its largest submarine order in a single contract. This ...

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