Will the future US Navy DDG (x) destroyer be a "transitional" destroyer?

As Congress has approved the construction of an additional Arleigh Burke Flight III class destroyer for 2022, and the US Navy has announced a major plan to ...

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Japan develops its own Electric Cannon to complement its anti-missile defense

The technology of electric guns, or rail gun, had the favor of many staffs a few years ago, especially in the United States, where the US Navy had invested several hundred ...

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# 3 Top 2021: Australia Reportedly Consider Ordering New Collins Conventional Submarines As A "Hold Solution"

Article from November 17, 2021, N ° 3 of the TOP 2021 with 127.000 unique reads When Scott Morrison announced last September the cancellation of the contract for the construction of propulsion submarines ...

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N ° 8 Top 2021: SCAF, MGCS… Will the new European military equipment arrive too late?

Article from November 29, 2021, N ° 8 of the TOP 2021 with 32.000 unique readings In an interview given to the lesecho.fr site, Franck Haun, CEO of the KNDS group which brings together German ...

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N ° 9 Top 2021: Can the French aeronautics industry bounce back from the success of the F-35 in Europe?

Article from December 14, 2021, N ° 9 of the TOP 2021 with 29.000 unique reads At the end of last week, and as anticipated, the Finnish authorities announced that they had selected the hunter ...

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# 11 Top2021: By cloning XQ-98A Valkyrie drone, China highlights weakness in US strategy

Article of October 1, 2021, N ° 11 of the TOP 2021 with 26.000 unique reads In a tweet published on September 29, Acting Under-Secretary of the Army, Christopher Lowman, marveled…

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A new version of the Chinese heavy embarked fighter J-15 soon in service?

As for the J-11 air superiority fighter which was derived from the Su-27, or the J-16 fighter bomber derived from the Su-30, the standard on-board fighter of Chinese naval aviation, the J-15,…

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