20 FPB 98 Mk II patrol boats of French OCEA for Ukrainian Border Guards

The Interior Ministers of the French Republic, Mr. Christophe Castaner, and of Ukraine, Mr. Arsen Avakov, signed on Tuesday November 19, 2019 at the MILIPOL fair the framework agreement relating to the acquisition ...

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The standard of the FDI frigates is finalized, and it is remarkable!

The signing on October 10 of a letter of intent between Athens and Paris for the acquisition of two FDI frigates (Defense and Intervention Frigate), more likely the construction of two ...

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Russia willing to outsource elements of Su57 in India, UAE or Turkey

Like the F35, of which nearly 40% of the components are manufactured by the program's leading partners, the president of the Russian arms giant Rostec, Sergei Chemezov,…

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European Patrol Corvette: Bulgaria in permanent structured cooperation?

The Naval Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria (FNRB or Voennomorski sili na Republika Bǎlgariya) benefit from political efforts with a view to being able to ensure sovereignty over its waters (territorial sea ...

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Finland raises the tone to keep control of its HX-Fighters program

Helsinki has once again raised the tone vis-à-vis the aeronautical manufacturers participating in the HX-F program, aimed at replacing the F18s of the Finnish air force. This time, the authorities of ...

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Replacement of Dutch submarines Walrus: final straight 2020?

The replacement of Walrus-class submarines (Zr. Ms. Walrus (1992), Zr. Ms. Zeeleeuw (1990), Zr. Ms. Dolfijn (1993) and Zr. Ms. Bruinvis (1994) of the US Navy Netherlands…

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Turkey reportedly close to deal to acquire 36 Russian Su35s fighters

Just two years ago, such a statement would at best have raised a smile, at worst caused a wave of panic in NATO. According to the Turkish daily Sabah close to…

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Bulgaria shows interest in South Korean T50 Golden Eagle training and attack fighter

With a GDP of $ 60 billion, Bulgaria, like many European countries, is encountering great difficulties in modernizing its air force, which is now equipped with around fifteen Mig29s and ...

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