The Russian CheckMate, a commercial and operational threat for Europe

The Teasing campaign which preceded the official presentation of the new 5th generation light fighter of the Russian Sukhoi had created an obvious excitement on the part of all…

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By confirming the acquisition of Abrams tanks, Poland takes a strong position in Europe

Barely a few days after the Polish press aired the discussions between Warsaw and Washington about a possible acquisition of Abrams M1A2 SEPv3 (or M1A2C) tanks, the…

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SCAF vs NGAD: is Europe behind an industrial generation?

In the field of new generation combat aircraft, two programs face each other in the West. On the one hand, the SCAF program for Air Combat System of the Future brings together ...

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Maintenance of the F-35 will be (much) too expensive in 2036, according to the GAO and the US Air Force

Each year, the Government Accountability Office, the American equivalent of the Court of Auditors, submits a report on the F-35 program, and every year, since 2012, this report alerts on ...

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The F35 crushed by the Defense Committee of the US House of Representatives

While the announcement of the future combat aircraft to replace the Swiss F / A 18 Hornets and F5 Tiger IIs is due at 16:00 p.m. local time today, and the…

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Great Britain conditions new order for F35B on lower maintenance costs

While the Royal Air Force's F35Bs began, from the Queen Elizabeth II aircraft carrier, the aircraft's first operational missions and strikes by targeting ...

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The US Air Force wants to get rid of its first F35As

Decidedly, the US Air Force now has a hard tooth against the F35. After letting it leak out that she intended to lower the number of F35As that she will order from 48 to 43 units ...

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US Air Force begins resistance and wants to reduce F35A orders by 10%

We know that the US Air Force is more and more reluctant towards the plan which initially planned to acquire more than 1700 F35As to replace its fleet of F16s, ...

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