The nuclear weapon becomes a priority again, and it is worrying

With the end of the cold war, the role of deterrence, and its nuclear weapons, has slowly faded, as has the risk of major conflict between technologically advanced states. Indeed, among the nuclear powers, Russia seemed entangled in an insoluble economic crisis that was rolling over its Defense tool, and China seemed to be more concerned with its economic growth than with its military might.

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The growth of the Chinese naval force continues to be sustained

That China is developing a powerful sea-going navy is no longer a surprise to anyone. As we know, in 2025, the Navy of the People's Liberation Army will have exceeded the sum of all the European navies, and in 2035, if it respects its current rate of production, it will have caught the US Navy.

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Moving from "peace time planning" to "war risk planning"

An article from the National Interest site leads us to question the nature of Defense planning, and the changes taking place because of the increased risk of conflict. It shows that the strategic bomber number B-21 planned for the US Air Force should not be 100 aircraft, as expected, but 164 aircraft

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The US Navy will not be able to follow the progress of the Chinese Navy

This is the confession of powerlessness made by the US naval authorities, who seek to extend the operational life of its Ticonderoga cruisers and its first Burke destroyers, so as not to ...

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Can the United States lose air superiority?

In this article published by DefenseNews, retired US Air Force Colonel Keith Zuegel, a fighter pilot who participated in Operation Desert Storm, draws an alarming picture of the state ...

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Regain of tension between China and the United States against a backdrop of technological transfers in Taiwan

Relations between China and the United States have deteriorated further in recent days, when the State Department announced that the United States would provide technological assistance to help ...

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