Greece, Belgium .. These countries which show the way for Defense Europe

Since the resurgence of the concept of European defense following the election of President Macron in 2017 and the start of active but ö how chaotic cooperation with Berlin, the ...

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Unsurprisingly, the US Congress is hostile to the export of F-16s to Turkey

The situation tends to become more complex for President Erdogan in the case of the acquisition of new 40 new American F-16s as well as 80 kits to transform ...

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Joe Biden vows to do 'all he can' for new Turkish F-16s

As we had written, the request from President Erdogan to the United States to acquire forty new F-16 fighters, as well as 80 kits to modernize a part ...

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Greece signs Letter of Intent for 2 frigates and 6 used mine hunters with the Netherlands

During the broad consultation conducted for Athens to acquire new frigates as part of the modernization of the Hellenic Navy, two offers seemed to stand out from the crowd,…

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Turkey wants 40 new F-16s and 80 modernization kits from the United States

With 245 F-16 fighter jets in the fleet, the Turkish Air Force is the third largest Fighting Falcon user on the planet after the United States and Israel, and ...

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What answers if Turkey bought S-400 systems from Russia again?

Turkish President RT Erdogan once again met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the seaside town of Sochi on the shores of the Black Sea. From…

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Negotiations for Gowind 2500 corvettes built in Greece to advance rapidly

When we have followed with pain the mostly biased and non-material comments about the Shortfin Barracuda submarine program in the Australian press, follow the reactions ...

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Configuration, planning .. More details on the Greek frigates FDI HN

The announcement made by Greek Prime Minister Kyriákos Mitsotákis and French President Emmanuel Macron on September 18 about the new alliance formed by France and…

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