Moving from "peace time planning" to "war risk planning"

An article from the National Interest site leads us to question the nature of Defense planning, and the changes taking place because of the increased risk of conflict. It shows that the strategic bomber number B-21 planned for the US Air Force should not be 100 aircraft, as expected, but 164 aircraft

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British defense committee paints uncompromising review of British military power

In its report, the British Defense Committee does not content itself with proposing a target of 3% of GDP (and the means to achieve it) for the armies across the Channel, but it ...

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The Black Sea, a strategic issue for the protection of Europe

During the Cold War, the Black Sea, like the Baltic, was considered Soviet-controlled, with the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries lining more than 70% of its coastline. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by the integration of Bulgaria and Romania into NATO and rapprochement between the alliance and Georgia and Ukraine, it has become a highly contested area, again, as the Baltic sea.

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Sweden prepares people for possible conflict with Russia

In this logic, the Swedish authorities sent to 4,8 million households a 20-page booklet intended to give the population the action to be taken in the event of conflict or invasion. Far from being a simple communication tool, as one might think, this booklet provides numerous indications on subjects ranging from individual and collective preparation ...

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Husky submarines, Zircon missiles and Poseidon drone, the future of the Russian submarine fleet

While today, most of the submarine 65 used by the Russian Navy are inherited from the Soviet era, such as the Akula SNAs, the Oscar SSGNs, the Delta SNLEs and the SSK Kilo, new sub classes. -marines began to be delivered, such as SNLE Boreï, SNA Iassen, or SSK Lada.

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Return of an American Carrier Group in Europe

The US Navy has announced that it is redeploying carrier group USS Truman to the European zone, a first since the end of the cold war. The purpose of this deployment is, according to the Pentagon, to oppose the rise of Russian naval and air forces in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

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Can the United States lose air superiority?

In this article published by DefenseNews, retired US Air Force Colonel Keith Zuegel, a fighter pilot who participated in Operation Desert Storm, draws an alarming assessment of the state ...

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