Reforms of the Russian army bear fruit

Following the war against Georgia in August 2008, having seen the Russian and Georgian forces fight for control of the secessionist oblasts of Abkhazia and Ossetia ...

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Guided Missiles and Smart Bombs, Russian Experience Feedback in Syria

Since taking power in 1999, V. Putin has embarked on a comprehensive program aimed at giving the Russian armed forces a format, equipment and operational capability to enable the Russian ...

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The Black Sea, a strategic issue for the protection of Europe

During the Cold War, the Black Sea, like the Baltic, was considered Soviet-controlled, with the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries lining more than 70% of its coastline. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by the integration of Bulgaria and Romania into NATO and rapprochement between the alliance and Georgia and Ukraine, it has become a highly contested area, again, as the Baltic sea.

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