Will the United Kingdom sacrifice its defense on the altar of Covid19?

Since the end of the Second World War, Great Britain had, along with France, the most experienced and efficient armies in Western Europe, based on a military tradition ...

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US Air Force prepares to replace MQ-9 Reaper with next-generation drone family

With its predecessor the MQ-1 Predator, the MQ-9 Reaper is the most iconic American drone of the past twenty years. Used by the USAF and the CIA, exported to the United Kingdom,…

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US Congress threatens to transfer light support aircraft to US Army

Florida Republican MP Michael Waltz, at an event at the Mitchell Institute, threatened to transfer the light support aircraft program to the US Army, considering the ill-will ...

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Unlimited Report of the US Air Force Light Attack Plan

If it is a sign of the rapid evolution of the perception of the global threat, it is the "unlimited" report of the program of acquisition of aircraft to attack light for the US Air Force. Launched in 2012, this program was to be one of the major competitions of the decade, the US Air Force seeking to equip itself with a light and inexpensive aircraft to carry out the missions of attacks and support

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Pakistan is getting closer to China

Since the intervention of the US-led western coalition in Afghanistan, relations between the West and Pakistan have steadily deteriorated, with the latter regularly accused of playing a double game with the United States. Taliban rebels

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