Modern nuclear attack submarines

With the episode of Australia canceling the Shortfin Barracuda conventionally-powered submarine contract in favor of US-British nuclear-powered submarines, nuclear-powered attack submarines have…

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Will Australia's nuclear submarine program collapse?

No one has forgotten the shattering announcement made by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, along with his British counterpart Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden in September 2021,…

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As in 2021, the Russian Navy will receive 3 new nuclear submarines in 2022

For more than two decades, the Russian Navy was the poor relation of the country's armed forces, not even being able to finance the maintenance in operational condition of its fleet ...

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Defense technologies that made the news in 2021

Despite the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the news in 2021 was often marked by certain defense technologies, in a geopolitical context of growing tensions and ...

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India, South Korea: France on the offensive in the field of nuclear submarines

The Minister of the French Armed Forces, Florence Parly, is traveling to India this weekend to meet her Indian counterpart Shri Rajnath Singh, as well as other officials from…

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SMX31, Racer, Scarabée: These non-funded ultra-innovative French defense industrial programs (part 1/2)

In the field of the defense industry, France has often demonstrated its ability to develop high performance equipment and sometimes several years ahead of its competitors ...

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What is Russia's conventional military might today?

In 2015, referring to Russian military interventions in Crimea and Syria, President B. Obama declared that Russia was nothing more than a regional force in decline.…

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the French defense industry?

The French defense industry is today recognized on the international scene as one of the most efficient and comprehensive on the planet. From nuclear powered submarines to airplanes ...

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