China responds to US "Provocations" in the China Sea

While the US Navy continues to conduct exercises in and around the China Sea, the People's Liberation Army responds by conducting, in this same area,…

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The Ukrainian anti-ship missile Neptune shows its effectiveness

The Ukrainian site, specialized in defense issues, has published an exclusive video showing the test of the anti-ship missile P-360 Neptune which took place on April 2…

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Naval forces and coronavirus: what use for current and future health crises?

Earlier in the day, we returned in detail to the deployment of the Tonnerre amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) in Corsica, in order to evacuate coronavirus patients. With the…

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The Tonnerre helicopter carrier was sent to Corsica to evacuate patients suffering from Covid-19

Last Friday, in an article dedicated to rumors circulating around the Armed Forces in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, we concluded that the deployment of…

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, NATO exercise "Defender 2020" will be reduced to its bare minimum

It was to be NATO's response to the gigantic exercises in real conditions recently conducted by Russia and its allies, especially during Vostok 2018, but also the most…

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Is Cambodia the platform for experimenting with Chinese conquest?

Less than 5 years ago, the Chinese authorities swore by their great gods that they would never deploy a military base outside the country, while criticizing generously ...

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Russia deploys S400 systems in arctic region

In an interview given to the internal newspaper of the Ministry of Defense Krasnaya Zvezda (red star), the commander of the northern fleet, Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, announced the ...

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20 FPB 98 Mk II patrol boats of French OCEA for Ukrainian Border Guards

Interior Ministers of the French Republic, Mr. Christophe Castaner, and Ukraine, Mr. Arsen Avakov, signed on Tuesday 19 November 2019 at MILIPOL the framework agreement for the acquisition ...

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