Russia continues efforts to modernize its naval force

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Navy experienced a long period of famine, seeing its unmaintained ships and new units arriving at a trickle, when they ...

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The weight of geographic constraints on Chinese naval military development

Guest article by Noam Hakoune in full permanent access For the months of July and August 2021, the very influential journal Foreign Affairs wondered whether ...

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US Navy repair capabilities too low in conflict with China

The observation of Rear Admiral Eric Ver Hag, commander of the office overseeing the maintenance and modernization of US Navy ships, is final. According to him, the United States Navy has ...

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China responds to American "provocations" in the China Sea

While the US Navy continues to conduct exercises in and around the China Sea, the People's Liberation Army is responding by conducting, in this same area,…

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The Ukrainian anti-ship missile Neptune shows its effectiveness

The Ukrainian site, specializing in defense issues, has published an exclusive video showing the test of the P-360 Neptune anti-ship missile which took place on April 2 ...

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Naval forces and coronavirus: what use for current and future health crises?

A little earlier today, we returned in detail to the deployment of the Tonnerre amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) in Corsica, in order to evacuate coronavirus patients. With the…

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