Due to the coronavirus epidemic, NATO exercise "Defender 2020" will be reduced to its bare minimum

It was to be NATO's response to the gigantic real-life exercises recently carried out by Russia and its allies, notably during Vostok 2018, but also the largest military exercise carried out in Western Europe in a quarter of a century. Defender 2020, also called Defender, was to consist of deploying nearly 20.000 American soldiers in Western Europe, via transport by ships and planes staggered between the end of winter and spring 2020 to European ports and military bases. They would have joined around 17000 European soldiers there, making it possible to conduct a series of maneuvers and exercises in around ten…

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The French Navy will modernize its 20mm Narwhal guns, which raises questions about the evolution of its close defense capabilities

According to Naval News, the DGA would have notified on January 16 a modernization contract for the remotely operated 20mm cannons of the French Navy, the Narwhal 20B from Nexter. The modernization operation will be carried out by Nexter and Naval Group and will take place in two stages, with technical details of the operation available in the analysis carried out by Nathan Gain for Naval News. Broadly speaking, stages V1 and V2 of this modernization, which will run until 2022, will mainly aim to improve warning fire capabilities, the accuracy and range of which today leave something to be desired against targets non-military (terrorist threats, etc.)

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Will the French Navy be widely equipped with a 40mm RAPIDFire gun?

The question of medium artillery on the surface ships of the French Navy has already arisen for several years, to the point that the general configuration of the artillery pieces of the future FDI frigates took some time before being relatively fixed. Today, in addition to a few 100mm guns arming the oldest frigates and avisos (which have become deep-sea patrol boats), the Navy articulates the artillery of its buildings around two main guns: the 76mm from Leonardo as well as the 20mm Narwhal from Nexter, which is used in addition to the 76mm on the frigates and as the main part on the new patrol boats. However, since the appearance of…

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Russian Navy strengthens logistics component

On the occasion of the entry into service of the new tanker Academician Pashin, this January 21, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that 5 other units of the project 23130 from which it originated will be built and will enter service from 2024. This is a profound change in doctrine for the Russian Navy, which until now did not use this type of ship, unlike Western fleets.

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DARPA wants to develop an unmanned logistics transport fleet

During the Cold War, the command of the US Navy in charge of heavy logistics transport, or Sea Lift Command, had at its disposal a large fleet of logistics transport buildings to, if necessary, be able to transport forces and the equipment of the American continent in Europe in order to be able to oppose a possible attack by the forces of the Warsaw Pact. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the eradication of the perceived threat in Europe, this command has seen its resources reduced to a strict minimum. In fact, today, the average age of ships in service for this mission exceeds 40 years,…

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In 2030 the Chinese Navy will surpass the US Navy on the Indo-Pacific theater

Since the beginning of the 2010s, the Chinese Navy has undertaken to develop a powerful and modern high seas fleet, capable, in the long term, of challenging the US Navy's supremacy on the seas of the Indo-Pacific zone. This effort concerns both equipment, with the rise in power of the Chinese military naval industry capable today of producing all the buildings forming an ocean-going fleet at a sustained pace, and crews, with a very methodical and remarkably applied staff training plan for a coordinated growth of resources and know-how. In this article, we will explore the…

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The US Navy returns to the goal of 355 buildings

The US Navy now has just over 290 combat ships, and President Trump, when elected, set a goal of reaching 355 ships before the end of the next decade. In question, the rise of the Chinese Navy, which should have in 2030 more than 500 combat ships, even if the American buildings are, on average, heavier and more powerful than their Chinese counterparts. However, it seems that this objective is questioned by the US Navy itself. Indeed, a large part of its buildings, in particular the Ticonderoga class cruisers, arrive…

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Some details on the future Oil Tankers of the French Navy

In accordance with the LPM 2019-2025, the Ministry of the Armed Forces announced, through the voice of the Minister Florence Parly, the order for 4 Tanker Refuelers derived from Fincantieri's LSS Volcano, for an amount of $1,7 billion. It is therefore the execution of the FLOTLOG program, intended to replace the Durance class tankers, today obsolete, even ecologically dangerous. The new Force Supply Vessels, BRF, will gauge more than 30.000 tons loaded, or nearly double the Durance, for a length of 193 meters. It will be able to carry, over 8000 km, 1.500 tons of freight and 13.000 m3 of fuel, which will significantly increase the range...

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